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Free Accent Reduction Screening If you are concerned about your foreign accent when speaking American English and are interested in accent reduction, here is an opportunity for you to get a professional opinion about the severity of your accent. Just leave us a voice mail saying our list of words, reading a paragraph, and telling us about your accent concerns. Typically within 48 hours, one of our staff members will analyze the speech sample and send you an e-mail or call you with the results. Results will include …

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906, 2020

Accent Reduction Training: Common British Phrases

Americans have long maintained a fascination with British culture. Specifically British English and its associated bevy of wholly unique terms and phrases that have led some to define it as being more sophisticated and proper than American English, while still others find the mere sound of the accent attractive. In truth, British English is no [...]

806, 2020

Accents and Identity in Gangs of New York

Capturing Accents Lost to History In the previous two Accents in Movies articles, we've talked about the important role dialect coach Tim Monich has played in helping some of Hollywood's most high profile actors master a variety of complex accents, from the standard native New York accent to a southern accent that reflects a background [...]

306, 2020

English Accent Training for French Speakers -Part 2

The French have always had difficulty in pronouncing a few sounds in the English language – the soft “th”, the “h”, the soft “r”, and the short “i”. Note: Read Part 1 first. As you'll see below, words such as "thousands" and "hedgehog" feature letters that are mistakenly omitted by native English and French speakers, [...]

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