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Free Accent Reduction Screening If you are concerned about your foreign accent when speaking American English and are interested in accent reduction, here is an opportunity for you to get a professional opinion about the severity of your accent. Just leave us a voice mail saying our list of words, reading a paragraph, and telling us about your accent concerns. Typically within 48 hours, one of our staff members will analyze the speech sample and send you an e-mail or call you with the results. Results will include …

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107, 2016

Accent Reduction Programs: Mispronounced Words 2

After researching various accent reduction programs and the various forms they take (online conference sessions, in person office visits, audio CD or mp3 programs centered around repetition of sounds, words, and basic concepts, or client directed accent reduction programs in which you work through the individual stages of an accent reduction program independently), you're likely [...]

1406, 2016

“Worse” Vs. “Worth”- English Accent Training

Today's commonly confused word pair, "worse" vs. worth", should be familiar to those in English accent training who are game show fans. Game show announcers relish shouting out the estimated value, or worth, of a Land Rover Evoque that a contestant just won, for example. Furthermore, the entire concept of The Price is Right is [...]

706, 2016

American Accent Training: Mispronounced Words 1

The goal of American accent training is not to alter a client's manner of speaking in any radical way or to eliminate an accent all together. This is impossible. In any case, an accent is an essential part of a speaker's personal identity. American accent training strives to reduce individual accents while simultaneously giving individuals [...]

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