Listening is an Important Step to Correct English Pronunciation

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Listening is an Important Step to Correct English Pronunciation

Listening to Learn How to Speak EnglishWhen it comes to learning completely new pronunciation during speech, it is important to be an auditory learner. This simply means you will learn something new through listening, and you will depend on hearing and repeating as your primary way of learning. When improving your American English pronunciation, you must first be able to hear what is being said before you attempt to speak with the proper pronunciation. Using your auditory skills and repetition skills will be a successful step to speaking with more of a standard American accent.

It”s All in the Listening

In order to speak with proper English pronunciation, it may be helpful to listen to various forms of English audio, such as audio books, movies, television, and radio. Utilizing the closed captions on television programs and movies can help you understand the words spoken.  If in the U.S., you will also notice the more you speak with those around you, the more you will pick up on the accent and dialects used. Try to pay attention to the speech of the people you work with, the people you interact with, and even the people having conversations with others.

After paying attention to how words and phrases are pronounced, you can practice saying them out loud. It will benefit you to practice saying these words and phrases over and over again until you start pronouncing them correctly. While listening to these common words and phrases, also pay attention to any pauses used throughout the sentence, the intonation of the speaker’s voice, and the stress or emphasis that is put on particular parts of the words or sentences.

Listening to the sounds of an individual who speaks with proper English pronunciation will definitely assist you in being able to discriminate among different sounds as well as give you the opportunity to attempt repeating these sounds. Learning to speak or improve your standard American English pronunciation on your own can be a difficult task. Sure, you have the opportunity to hear how words and phrases are pronounced, and you can also try to imitate these sounds, but you may not be able to determine if the sounds you are mimicking are completely accurate. This is where receiving help from an accent reduction specialist would be to your benefit.

Listen How to Pronounce Colors in English

Accent reduction specialists focus on the individual sounds that you need to work on and they will provide you with helpful feedback from your initial accent evaluation. They will also provide you with the necessary tools, instructions, and practice exercises to assist you in your goal of speaking with standard American English pronunciation. Instead of being unsure about the way you are pronouncing English words and phrases, seek training from a certified accent reduction specialist who can provide you with 100% honest feedback and lasting results.

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