Americans have long maintained a fascination with British culture. Specifically British English and its associated bevy of wholly unique terms and phrases that have led some to define it as being more sophisticated and proper than American English, while still others find the mere sound of the accent attractive. In truth, British English is no more prestigious than the dialects which  constitute any other respective language. It only perceived as such because Americans and ESL speakers who are working towards clearer pronunciation in accent reduction training have been conditioned by television and film to associate the British accent with superior intelligence. This isn’t to say however that there isn’t still value in trying to expand your working knowledge of British phrases. You never know when they might be of use. We’re confident that once you’ve studied the following phrases you’re sure to agree that British slang is just plain “ace.”


The British equivalent for “awesome” in American English; sensational or exceptional.

Example: That new band playing is just ace.



Short for aggravation . Something one might expect between fan bases at a sporting event, it’s short for aggravation.

Example: You can feel the rivalry as the number of the aggros around city pubs rise after their games.


The counterpart of counter-clockwise in American English.

Example: You have to spin the screw anti-clockwise to loosen it up.



Crazy or mad.

Example: He went barmy after finding out that someone stole his sneakers.


Bee’s knees

Bee’s knees accent reduction trainingSomething fabulous or fantastic.

Example: That new purse you bought is the bee’s knees!


Belt up

The British counterpart of “Shut up”.

Example: Belt up or you’re out of the team.



Something custom-made.

Example: He had those fenders bespoken because he didn’t like how those stock ones look.

Best of British

This expression means “Good luck”.

Example: The best of British to you on those exams coming up next week.


Bite your arm off

Used when someone is overly excited about something.

Example: Don’t tell the kids where we’re taking them to the water park next week. They’ll bite your arm off and never go to sleep.




Example: He was so bladdered, we had to carry him out of the car and into the house.



Another term that means awesome.

Example: That party was so blinding, I never wanted it to end.



Someone who is narrow-minded.

Example: Don’t even bother explaining to that blinkered old guy, you’ll just waste your time.

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