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English Accent Training for French Speakers -Part 2

The French have always had difficulty in pronouncing a few sounds in the English language – the soft “th”, the “h”, the soft “r”, and the short “i”. Note: Read Part 1 first. As you'll see below, words such as "thousands" and "hedgehog" feature letters that are mistakenly omitted by native English and French speakers, [...]

2020-06-09T10:04:49-05:00By |

English Accent Training: More Words for Spanish Speakers

Our series focusing on commonly mispronounced words by Spanish speakers concludes with words such as “eyes” and “not.” If you find that you’re having trouble with the latter word, be sure to ask your accent coach to prioritize the pronunciation of words with short vowel sounds in your English accent training sessions. While Spanish does [...]

2017-04-12T09:03:25-05:00By |

English Accent Training: Words for Spanish Speakers

English accent training can be used by native Spanish to refine their pronunciation skills, but they will quickly realize that English has a rhythm of its own. It is natural to  look for parallels between English and Spanish in terms of sentence structure, grammar, and pronunciation and attempt to bring the rules that govern one [...]

2017-03-28T05:54:50-05:00By |

English Accent Training for French Speakers -Part 1

Native French speakers who wish to learn to Speak English with a modified accent usually find they have difficulty adjusting to the short "i" sound in American English given that all the vowels in French are naturally long. They also struggle at times with clearly enunciating the "th" syllable when it is found at the [...]

2017-03-23T06:46:22-05:00By |

“Worse” Vs. “Worth”- English Accent Training

Today's commonly confused word pair, "worse" vs. worth", should be familiar to those in English accent training who are game show fans. Game show announcers relish shouting out the estimated value, or worth, of a Land Rover Evoque that a contestant just won, for example. Furthermore, the entire concept of The Price is Right is [...]

2017-03-28T05:54:49-05:00By |

“Flour” Vs. “Floor” – English Accent Training

In today's commonly confused words blog post we are showcasing the words "flour" and "floor." Like the other words featured in our commonly confused word pairings series, these words differ from one another by a single vowel. However, those working to refine their speech in English accent training may not be aware that "flour" is [...]

2017-03-28T05:54:49-05:00By |

“Coffee” Vs. “Copy” – English Accent Training

If you started at your present company as an intern, chances are good you heard the words "coffee" and "copy" quite frequently. Most likely in the form of demands. As in, "I'd like you to get me an extra large cup of coffee with 2 shots of espresso and extra cream." Or, "The copy of [...]

2017-03-23T06:46:26-05:00By |

“Live” vs. “Leave” – English Accent Training

The word "live" can be confusing to ESL speakers because the word can potentially be pronounced two different ways and have a multitude of meanings depending on the sentence.  As you progress through your English accent training, always be aware of the context in which a difficult word or sound is being presented, as this [...]

2017-03-23T06:46:27-05:00By |

English Accent Training: British Slang

English Accent Training: How Slang Terms Can Define Individual Speech One of the reasons our long running idioms series has proven to be so popular  is that it helps bridge the gap between the formal English often emphasized in the initial stages of English accent training and specialized slang of the business world. Every profession [...]

2017-03-23T06:46:46-05:00By |

English Accent Training: The Glass Ceiling

English accent Training: Accent Bias in the Workplace In today’s globalized world, there a need for businesspeople to be fluent in a secondary language. English is turning out to be the preferred secondary language in professional settings. Consequently, there has been a massive increase in the number of people that undergo ESL courses and English [...]

2017-03-23T06:46:52-05:00By |