Chicago Accent Reduction Meetup Group

Chicago Accent Reduction Meetup Group This Meetup Group was started by the Managing Director of Accent Pros, John Atchley, in August 2010. The group typically meets, in person, one time per month in Chicago to offer a free accent reduction lesson. At least one accent coach from Accent Pros attends and members are able to participate in the lesson equally.

The purpose of our group is to give members an opportunity to learn how they can work independently to get rid of their foreign accent and to see examples of the methods an accent coach would use when teaching a private class.

Members are always welcomed to participate fully and ask questions during each lesson. The lessons include explanations and practice of accurate pronunciation of specific sounds when speaking Standard American English. Pronunciation of vowel sounds is the focus of some lessons, while others focus more on consonant sounds. In addition to pronunciation, members also model and practice other accent reduction strategies.

After the lesson, members typically ask about materials and methods for continued self-study. After the formal meeting has concluded, members also enjoy practicing their English pronunciation and conversational skills with the accent coach and other members of the group. Please join us for one of our free accent reduction classes. We look forward to the opportunity to meet new members and share our expertise. If you are unable to attend one of our groups, you should consider trying one of our free accent reduction tutorials.

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