Accent Reduction ClassesThe Accent Pros Office Starter Program was designed to provide a comprehensive course for individuals to reduce their foreign accent by 50% or more within just twelve sessions. We start by determining an exact percentage of accent using our online initial accent evaluation.

Not only will the results tell us exactly which pronunciation differences are causing the accent, the data will be used to develop individualized lesson plans for each class based on exactly what each student needs.

In addition to improving pronunciation, our accent classes simultaneously address other aspects of speech creating accent. We also focus on intonation, rhythm, syllable stress, speaking rate, dialect, and industry specific language.

Office Starter

  • 12 Office Sessions *
  • Additional Office Sessions:
    (1=$120) (3=$300) (12=$1080)
  • What Is Included?

    The cost of our Office Accent Reduction Starter Program is a total of $1,200 without any additional fees. This price includes the comprehensive initial accent evaluation, twelve private fifty-minute classes at either of our locations in Illinois, access to over one hundred pages of study materials, accompanying audio, and a re-evaluation to determine progress once the student has completed the sessions. Our students achieve a 50% reduction in their accent or more within twelve sessions. The study materials and audio are used by our students to complete three to thirty minutes of daily practice between their weekly classes.

    How Does This Work?

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    Please start by paying for the Office Accent Reduction Starter Program using the Buy Now link at the bottom of this page. We accept PayPal or any major credit card. After payment, students will be redirected to a link allowing them to access our online initial accent evaluation. This comprehensive online initial accent evaluation is available twenty-four hours a day seven days a week and will allow students to record speech samples using our online recorder. Please allow thirty to forty-five minutes to complete the evaluation. Your recorded speech samples will be saved on our secure server for our staff to access and evaluate.  Students can expect to receive an e-mail and phone call from our staff typically within forty-eight hours to provide them with the results and to schedule their first private class.


    Our in-office classes are offered by appointment only at our office in Chicago, Illinois. Appointment times include afternoon and evening hours beyond the typical business hours during the five day work week plus Saturday and Sunday mornings to accommodate nearly any schedule. Students will have the opportunity to work with the same accent coach for all of their classes. We typically schedule one fifty-minute class per week and provide homework practice to be completed between each class.


    Students can expect to hear their own accent reduction within the first class and our accent coaches will monitor their weekly progress. An individualized lesson plan will be written for each class based only on exactly what students need according to the results from their initial accent evaluation and weekly progress. We teach Standard American English pronunciation of three to five new sounds per week in addition to lessons regarding intonation, rhythm, syllable stress, speaking rate, dialect, and industry specific language.


    To date, all of our students have decreased their accent by 50% or more within twelve sessions. Even though every class will be individualized to meet exact needs, we use a standardized approach to ensure the progress of each student regardless of the initial percentage of their accent, native language or languages, or how long they have lived in the United States. We use a standardized evaluation to determine the exact percentage of accent before classes and a similar re-evaluation to determine exactly how much students have reduced their accent after completing twelve private classes.