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15 05, 2012

If I Learn English, What Dialect Should I Choose?

2017-03-23T06:47:24-05:00By |

Today, knowing and understanding the English language is a necessity in order to communicate throughout many countries, especially in the United States. Learning standard American English may take a lot of practice and time, but in the end, you will be rewarded with many more opportunities in your professional and personal life. Understanding English will [...]

23 03, 2012

How To Use American Accent Tutorials

2017-03-23T06:47:26-05:00By |

Books, lectures, and other learning materials are helpful resources when it comes to providing basic information on a specific topic. If you are looking to learn more about the sounds of the Standard American accent, you may find it most beneficial to first try out an American accent tutorial. Not only will a tutorial provide [...]

21 03, 2012

American Accents – Comparison and Contrast to British Accent

2017-03-23T06:47:26-05:00By |

Linguists divide the U.S. Map into four distinct American accent regions, each with a corresponding American dialect: the inland north, midland, or northern region, the south, and the west, according to respective vowel shift patterns--the Northern cities shift, the Southern shift, and the western low back merger. Some linguists have advocated for an interpretation of [...]

15 03, 2012

Accents and Dialects in Miami, Florida

2017-03-23T06:47:26-05:00By |

To these Miami natives, they themselves do not have an accent, but to many outsiders, they do have particular pronunciation patterns. These outsiders who hear the Miami accent sometimes say it sounds similar to a Spanish or Cuban accent, however, it is really neither of the two. According to Norene Bini, a dialogue and dialect [...]

8 03, 2012

How Americans Got Their Accents

2017-03-23T06:47:26-05:00By |

The American accent began to develop quickly after America won the Revolutionary war against the British. Until that time, both parties spoke with a rhotic British accent similar to the modern day American Accent. Difference Between Rhotic and Non-Rhotic Rhotic accents pronounce the hard /r/ sound at the end of words such as "car", and all [...]

13 02, 2012

Why are Some Dialects and Accents More Accepted than Others?

2017-03-23T06:47:27-05:00By |

Within the English language, there are hundreds of different dialects and accents utilized throughout the country. The variety of accents spoken around the United States most likely came from individuals who were raised in a different country, were taught to speak in a different language, and later moved here and learned English as a second [...]

2 02, 2012

What Kind of Dialects are Spoken in the U.S.?

2017-03-23T06:47:27-05:00By |

There are several different American accents that are used across the nation and there are even more dialects. Some people believe accents and dialects have the same meaning, but they are actually quite different. Accents are strictly related to the pronunciation of sounds in speech, and dialect involves not only pronunciation, but vocabulary and grammar [...]

31 01, 2012

Difference Between an American Accent and Dialect

2017-03-23T06:47:27-05:00By |

At times, people may find it difficult to distinguish between accents versus dialects. These two terms, while similar in ways, are actually quite different. In order to be able to comprehend why they shouldn’t be used interchangeably, it is necessary to examine each term individually. An accent is a form of pronunciation that is distinctive [...]

14 10, 2009

Top ten reasons to speak American English with an American Accent

2017-03-23T06:47:27-05:00By |

Why would someone want to change their accent when speaking American English? Improves your intelligibility Improves your intelligibility with your elders Promotes friendships Expands dating potential Provides a perception that you are well educated or a polished professional Builds trust and credibility for you with new acquaintances Reduces prejudice for you with some Americans Advances [...]

26 09, 2009

Do Americans who only speak English have an accent?

2017-03-23T06:47:28-05:00By |

There are many different accents used by Americans who only speak one language, which is typically American English. The various accents can be heard regionally throughout the South, North, East, West, Northeast, Midwest, and upper Midwest across the United States. All of the various accents are considered forms of American speech. A speaker utilizing a Midwestern American accent would be considered to have an accent if he encountered a person who speaks with a Southern American English accent. Although Americans utilize a variety of different accents when speaking English, an upper Midwestern accent is considered to be standard American English and is widely regarded as the preferred accent utilized by scholars, news broadcasters, and other educated professionals across the entire United States. Upper Midwestern American English is commonly spoken in northern Illinois, northern Indiana, northern Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Dakotas.