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28 04, 2012

Listening is an Important Step to Correct English Pronunciation

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When it comes to learning completely new pronunciation during speech, it is important to be an auditory learner. This simply means you will learn something new through listening, and you will depend on hearing and repeating as your primary way of learning. When improving your American English pronunciation, you must first be able to hear [...]

24 04, 2012

The Geico Gecko takes on the Chicago Accent

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Geico has launched a commercial series entitled "The Gecko"s Journey," in which their mascot travels around the U.S. After nearly getting trampled during his New York City Brooklyn bridge commercial shoot last month, the gecko decided to recuperate from this traumatic experience by spending a couple of weeks in Chicago, taking in a game from [...]

7 04, 2012

How Will Accent Reduction Classes Affect My Dating Life?

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If you are an individual who speaks with a foreign accent, you may notice the way you speak sometimes negatively affects your daily social life. Although foreign accents are unique in their own ways and provide listeners with a background of the speaker, they may still cause difficulties when communicating with others. Trouble Understanding Each [...]

21 03, 2012

American Accents – Comparison and Contrast to British Accent

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Linguists divide the U.S. Map into four distinct American accent regions, each with a corresponding American dialect: the inland north, midland, or northern region, the south, and the west, according to respective vowel shift patterns--the Northern cities shift, the Southern shift, and the western low back merger. Some linguists have advocated for an interpretation of [...]

15 03, 2012

Accents and Dialects in Miami, Florida

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To these Miami natives, they themselves do not have an accent, but to many outsiders, they do have particular pronunciation patterns. These outsiders who hear the Miami accent sometimes say it sounds similar to a Spanish or Cuban accent, however, it is really neither of the two. According to Norene Bini, a dialogue and dialect [...]

8 03, 2012

How Americans Got Their Accents

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The American accent began to develop quickly after America won the Revolutionary war against the British. Until that time, both parties spoke with a rhotic British accent similar to the modern day American Accent. Difference Between Rhotic and Non-Rhotic Rhotic accents pronounce the hard /r/ sound at the end of words such as "car", and all [...]

6 03, 2012

Coping with Accent Discrimination in the Corporate World

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Corporate executives, living in or traveling to the U.S. on a regular basis to forge relationships with clients, will find accent reduction classes beneficial. The classes will allow them to be understood by the widest possible audience and lessen the chance an important piece of information will be misinterpreted. How Can Accent Reduction Classes Help? [...]

28 02, 2012

Accent Reduction for Corporate Career Building

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Why Would Accent Reduction Enrich the Careers of Corporate Executives? Accent reduction training is becoming more common among people across the world who want or need to improve their standard American accent. There are a number of different reasons an individual may want to reduce his or her foreign accent. One reason that has been [...]

13 02, 2012

Why are Some Dialects and Accents More Accepted than Others?

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Within the English language, there are hundreds of different dialects and accents utilized throughout the country. The variety of accents spoken around the United States most likely came from individuals who were raised in a different country, were taught to speak in a different language, and later moved here and learned English as a second [...]

10 02, 2012

What is the Origin of Language?

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There is no universal consensus on a specific origin date language was brought into the world. Although there is evidence that suggests humans existed hundreds of thousands of years ago, there are still debates regarding the specific origin of language. There have also been a number of different theories developed regarding language origins, but the [...]

22 12, 2011

Why Do Americans Make Fun of Foreign Accents?

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There isn’t an individual reason as to why Americans “make fun” of other accents. It is not so much that they mock other accents with the intentions of hurting the peoples’ feelings; rather they could simply be attempting to sound like them. When Americans have been so accustomed to speaking with a standard American accent, [...]

14 10, 2009

Top ten reasons to speak American English with an American Accent

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Why would someone want to change their accent when speaking American English? Improves your intelligibility Improves your intelligibility with your elders Promotes friendships Expands dating potential Provides a perception that you are well educated or a polished professional Builds trust and credibility for you with new acquaintances Reduces prejudice for you with some Americans Advances [...]