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9 06, 2020

Accent Reduction Training: Common British Phrases

2020-07-08T18:53:12-05:00By |

Americans have long maintained a fascination with British culture. Specifically British English and its associated bevy of wholly unique terms and phrases that have led some to define it as being more sophisticated and proper than American English, while still others find the mere sound of the accent attractive. In truth, British English is no [...]

8 06, 2020

Accents and Identity in Gangs of New York

2020-06-09T10:06:18-05:00By |

Capturing Accents Lost to History In the previous two Accents in Movies articles, we've talked about the important role dialect coach Tim Monich has played in helping some of Hollywood's most high profile actors master a variety of complex accents, from the standard native New York accent to a southern accent that reflects a background [...]

15 03, 2017

How to Speak English: Olympic Languages

2017-03-23T06:46:14-05:00By |

 Why English and French Were Considered Co-Official Languages of the 2016 Summer Olympics The 2016 summer Olympics in Rio de Janerio were plagued by controversy seemingly from the minute Brazil was selected as the host country for these games on October 2, 2009.  Most of the controversy centered around the fact the Olympic  athletes risked [...]

21 02, 2017

Learn American English: Mispronounced Words 6

2017-03-23T06:46:14-05:00By |

When trying to learn American English, one possible stumbling block is the pronunciation style of American English itself. The style focused on in accent reduction training is meant to achieve a standard American English accent. By contrast, the native English speakers you interact with on a business level and socially are more apt to use [...]

3 01, 2017

Learn American English: Mispronounced Words 2

2017-03-23T06:46:16-05:00By |

Today's commonly mispronounced words entry begins with "across", a word that is likely to provoke a lot of questions from those who are attempting to learn American English with a reduced accent. The reason for this is quite simple: There are many highly educated, working Americans who mispronounce this word on a regular basis without [...]

21 12, 2016

Learn to Speak English: 12 British Phrases

2017-03-23T06:46:19-05:00By |

Accentpros hopes that that our new series focusing on British slang and terminology has given you a deeper appreciation for British English and also made you aware of the ways in which slang terms and phrases have influenced the development of your own speech patterns. The acquisition of slang terms into your vocabulary is inevitable [...]

23 11, 2016

Learn American English- Mispronounced Words

2017-03-23T06:46:20-05:00By |

After reading this article you may be left with the impression that the best way to learn American English is trough repetition. Until you feel as though you know the selected words by heart and can integrate them into your everyday vocabulary seamlessly. Such an idea is reinforced by accent reduction CD's and programs such [...]

21 09, 2016

The Hardest English Words to Pronounce – Reddit List 2/2

2017-03-23T06:46:23-05:00By |

In April 2015 a language oriented message board thread on the networking  website Reddit went viral when a user asked a simple question:  "What's the hardest English word to pronounce?" Those who have been in English accent training for any length of time will be heartened to know that both native and non native English [...]

14 06, 2016

“Worse” Vs. “Worth”- English Accent Training

2017-03-28T05:54:49-05:00By |

Today's commonly confused word pair, "worse" vs. worth", should be familiar to those in English accent training who are game show fans. Game show announcers relish shouting out the estimated value, or worth, of a Land Rover Evoque that a contestant just won, for example. Furthermore, the entire concept of The Price is Right is [...]

7 06, 2016

American Accent Training: Mispronounced Words 1

2017-03-23T06:46:25-05:00By |

The goal of American accent training is not to alter a client's manner of speaking in any radical way or to eliminate an accent all together. This is impossible. In any case, an accent is an essential part of a speaker's personal identity. American accent training strives to reduce individual accents while simultaneously giving individuals [...]

17 05, 2016

“Flour” Vs. “Floor” – English Accent Training

2017-03-28T05:54:49-05:00By |

In today's commonly confused words blog post we are showcasing the words "flour" and "floor." Like the other words featured in our commonly confused word pairings series, these words differ from one another by a single vowel. However, those working to refine their speech in English accent training may not be aware that "flour" is [...]

10 05, 2016

“Coffee” Vs. “Copy” – English Accent Training

2017-03-23T06:46:26-05:00By |

If you started at your present company as an intern, chances are good you heard the words "coffee" and "copy" quite frequently. Most likely in the form of demands. As in, "I'd like you to get me an extra large cup of coffee with 2 shots of espresso and extra cream." Or, "The copy of [...]

27 04, 2016

The Alveolar Sounds ( /n/, /l/, /t/ & /d/) – English for Russian Speakers 5

2017-03-23T06:46:26-05:00By |

How to Speak English: The Alveolar Sounds ( /n/, /l/, /t/ & /d/) The good news for native Russian speakers striving to learn how to speak English is that, unlike many of the English sounds previously featured in this series, all the English sounds described in this article have near equivalent sounds in Russian. Unfortunately [...]

16 02, 2016

Yellow-Bellied: Workplace Idioms

2017-03-23T06:46:27-05:00By |

The prospect of changing your speech to speak with a reduced accent may seem like a daunting task, one that leaves you open to self doubt about whether you are betraying a part of your identity by making such changes. You can counter any fears you may have by reminding yourself that you are in [...]

9 02, 2016

Fifteen Minutes of Fame – Workplace Idioms

2017-03-23T06:46:28-05:00By |

Imagine for a moment you are sitting in your cubicle at work and you overhear a conversation: should your company should continue to sell to the same consumer base, thus ensuring a marginal profit, or try to go after a different demographic. Due to the inherent risk and weight of this decision, expressions such as [...]

19 01, 2016

Young Turk – Political Idioms

2017-03-23T06:46:29-05:00By |

With America due to elect a new President in 2016, today's featured idiom, "Young Turk," is rather timely. Both the Republican and Democratic parties are looking to capture the youth vote and have their respective party's ideology appeal to the youth of America on an emotional first and foremost. To accomplish this, Democratic Presidential candidate [...]

7 01, 2016

Pardon my French – Conversational Idioms

2017-03-23T06:46:29-05:00By |

In today’s idiom post we are going to be examining the meaning and origin of the phrase “Pardon my French.” A common variant of this phrase is “Pardon my Language”, but they have identical meanings. Occasionally this phrase is used within a conversation whenever a person has said, or is about to say, something that [...]

24 12, 2015

Lost Ball in High Weeds – Ball Idioms

2017-03-23T06:46:29-05:00By |

An unfortunate reality in the business world is that there is only one constant: change. While you may feel confident about the contributions you are making to the company now and how much you are valued as an employee, there remains the chance that you could be moved to a different department by management without [...]

9 12, 2015

A Whole New Ballgame – Sports Idioms

2017-03-23T06:46:30-05:00By |

In today’s idiom post we are going to be examining the meaning and origin of the phrase “ a whole new ballgame.” A common variation of this phrase is "a whole 'nother ball of wax." While the latter phrase is certainly more formal, they both used to emphasize the sharp contrast between one or more [...]

2 12, 2015

Blaze a Trail – Workplace Idioms

2017-03-23T06:46:30-05:00By |

If you stop to think about it, many slang phrases in the American lexicon originated as song lyrics. The majority of these seemingly fall out of favor as quickly as they appear. Part of this has to do with the fact these terms become dated, thus dating the person who uses them frequently and giving [...]