7 06, 2016

American Accent Training: Mispronounced Words 1

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The goal of American accent training is not to alter a client's manner of speaking in any radical way or to eliminate an accent all together. This is impossible. In any case, an accent is an essential part of a speaker's personal identity. American accent training strives to reduce individual accents while simultaneously giving individuals [...]

24 12, 2015

Lost Ball in High Weeds – Ball Idioms

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An unfortunate reality in the business world is that there is only one constant: change. While you may feel confident about the contributions you are making to the company now and how much you are valued as an employee, there remains the chance that you could be moved to a different department by management without [...]

9 12, 2015

A Whole New Ballgame – Sports Idioms

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In today’s idiom post we are going to be examining the meaning and origin of the phrase “ a whole new ballgame.” A common variation of this phrase is "a whole 'nother ball of wax." While the latter phrase is certainly more formal, they both used to emphasize the sharp contrast between one or more [...]

2 12, 2015

Blaze a Trail – Workplace Idioms

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If you stop to think about it, many slang phrases in the American lexicon originated as song lyrics. The majority of these seemingly fall out of favor as quickly as they appear. Part of this has to do with the fact these terms become dated, thus dating the person who uses them frequently and giving [...]

26 08, 2015

In the Same Boat-Travel Idioms

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A critical piece of successful business communication is developing the ability to ask for things in a direct manner, without giving the impression of being condescending or demonstrative. As someone who is looking to refine their speech by speaking with an American accent, you may find yourself thinking that you must impress your listener by [...]

29 06, 2015

Put all your Eggs in One Basket- Egg Idioms

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We conclude our series on American idioms featuring the word "egg" today with the idiom, "put all your eggs in one basket." Similar to "kill the goose that laid the golden egg" this phrase is normally used in a financial context, a scenario where all of one's resources have been put in a single place. [...]

15 06, 2015

Kill the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg – Idiom

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Idiom: kill the goose that laid the golden egg The business world is defined by risk, and those who take risks and have their boldness pay off in the form of a bigger paycheck, promotion, or a burgeoning stock portfolio are celebrated. In these situations, discussion of the inherent risk faced by the individuals involved [...]

13 10, 2014

English Accent Training: The Glass Ceiling

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English accent Training: Accent Bias in the Workplace In today’s globalized world, there a need for businesspeople to be fluent in a secondary language. English is turning out to be the preferred secondary language in professional settings. Consequently, there has been a massive increase in the number of people that undergo ESL courses and English [...]

3 03, 2014

Learn to Speak English:Accents in Advertising part 4

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Learn to speak English: How particular accents can lead to typecasting When Hollywood producers and casting directors are looking to fill a role, they aren't necessarily looking for a specific actor. Rather they are looking for actors and actresses who are best able to communicate what is written on the page to the audience, while [...]

20 02, 2014

How to Speak English: Accent Attitudes Part 1

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How to speak English: Tracking the development of accent attitudes Those who decide to take on the task of learning how to speak English and/or reduce their native accent are usually hesitant to do so for a number of reason,  including fear of the unknown in another language and the time and effort required to [...]

29 11, 2013

Learn to Speak English: Accents in Advertising Part 1

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Learn to Speak English: Why Accents Sell Products A recent trend in advertising that is gaining momentum is the use of cartoon and CGI characters to sell various products. Research has shown animal characters connect more with audiences than a human spokesperson, acting as a kind of intermediary between the company and customer. Early examples [...]

23 11, 2013

Accent Reduction Programs: The brain and language dialects

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Accent reduction programs: What can Japanese teach us about American English? As a non native speaker of English, you are more conscious than most people of how your particular accent comes across to others, as you attempt to enunciate words as clearly as possible to avoid drawing attention to your accent. However have you ever [...]

2 11, 2013

Learning the American Accent: Words in the Workplace Part 1

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The vast majority of clients we work with say the area they are least confident with when speaking, is in the workplace. Many find it hard to communicate with their colleagues, or they are uncomfortable when their colleagues ask them about their accent (Where are you from? You don’t sound like you’re from around here, [...]

4 02, 2013

American Accent Classes: Jony Ive of Apple Gives a Lesson

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American Accent Classes: Impacted by Apple? Since we teach American accent classes at Accent Pros, we love to analyze the speaking patterns of individuals.  Over the past couple of years, we have been intrigued by a spokesperson at Apple.  Yes he has an accent, but more importantly, he speaks in a manner which not only [...]

12 11, 2012

Value of American Accent Training for Social and Professional Life

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Foreign Students in the Classroom Foreign students attending American schools often feel left out in classroom discussions, group activities and even social events . If you are a foreign exchange student having difficulty adjusting to life abroad, American accent training can help you address the accent  and dialect challenge you face.Well educated students who come [...]

27 06, 2012

What is the Language of Aviation and the Internet?

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In part two of the series in how the English language is most widely used across the globe for aviation, internet, science and global commerce, Accent Pros uncovers what is taking place all over the planet in regards to communication.  Accent Pros offers the ability to reduce your accent and help strengthen your communication skills [...]

6 03, 2012

Coping with Accent Discrimination in the Corporate World

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Corporate executives, living in or traveling to the U.S. on a regular basis to forge relationships with clients, will find accent reduction classes beneficial. The classes will allow them to be understood by the widest possible audience and lessen the chance an important piece of information will be misinterpreted. How Can Accent Reduction Classes Help? [...]