The Accent Pros TeamConfidential
Our accent reduction training is completely private and confidential.  We realize how personal accent and pronunciation are for all individuals.  Your decision to take this step towards self-improvement will be held in strict confidence by your personal accent coach.  You will be able to maintain your accent when speaking your native language and develop the ability to utilize a standard American accent when speaking English.

Our speech coaches at Accent Pros are licensed by the State of Illinois and certified by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association as speech-language pathologists and/or are accent reduction specialists that are certified by the Institute of Language and Phonology.  Each coach has numerous years of experience working privately with professionals to improve their spoken English.
Instead of using English pronunciation software, we start by completing an initial accent evaluation of your specific speech differences compared to standard American English and then develop a program designed specifically to improve your spoken English.  For those who prefer to work alone, you may use our free accent reduction tutorials found within this website at any time.  These tutorials provide online pronunciation guides which  teach you to improve your English pronunciation.

We offer our services utilizing internet-based online web conferencing via Skype, FaceTime, iChat, Cisco WebEx, or private face-to-face instruction at our location in Chicago, Illinois by appointment only.  We are available seven days per week during and beyond typical business hours.