Accent Reduction: What is the first step?

Accent Reduction: Getting Started

  • The first step is to try our free accent reduction screening. This screening requires you to call our local Chicago phone number and leave us a voicemail using a specific set of words and sentences. After completing the screening, one of our accent reduction specialists will review the voicemail and provide you with a severity rating of your accent on a seven point scale from (1) very heavy and (7) very mild. You will receive your results within 48 hours without any commitment or obligation to purchase a program.

Accent Reduction

  • Taking the free screening is not required; therefore, the majority of individuals start by choosing one of our starter packages. All new students at Accent Pros choose between the online starter program, which offers one-on-one live training through video conferencing and the office (in-person) starter program, which is available in our Chicago, Illinois office only. Some decide to just take the initial accent evaluation to determine the exact percentage of their accent before choosing a starter program.
  • Some individuals choose to start with our Free Online Accent Reduction Tutorials. We offer free accent reduction tutorials for over fifty languages. These lessons focus on the pronunciation level of accent reduction.

Accent Reduction Questions:

  • If you have any questions about our accent reduction services, don’t hesitate to call our toll free number at (773) 245-3138.

Are there specific package recommendations for certain accents?

Our evidenced based program works equally well with all accents.

Are there any packages of sessions I can purchase after completing my starter program?

We have options to meet your needs based on your preference for taking classes online using Skype or in our offices located in Chicago, Illinois.

Accent Reduction FAQs

Online Accent Reduction Classes

1. After completing the 3 sessions which came with the online starter program, you can purchase each additional fifty minute class for just $60 each. You can buy one or more per transaction as you choose. Since you already paid $300 for the online starter package, you should budget an additional $540 to complete nine more classes for a total of $840. This would qualify you for a free re-evaluation of your accent to determine how much you have improved. Since being established in 2009, each of our students has reduced their accent by 50% or more within twelve sessions.

Office (In-Person) Accent Reduction Classes

2. After completing the twelve sessions which come with the office starter program, you can purchase one, three , or twelve additional sessions. Purchasing only one session has a cost of $120. Three sessions can be purchased for $300 and twelve sessions is only $1,080 ($90/session).

What technology requirements are needed to participate?

Technology is not required for participation if sessions are provided face to face within our offices in Chicago , Illinois. Some clients choose to purchase a digital recorder ($30) to utilize when practicing on their own. Clients who are interested in participation using video conferencing would be required to provide their own internet connection and computer with a video camera and microphone. Most clients prefer to use Skype, which is a free video conferencing tool that works very well for the sessions. Our clients who do not have a video camera or microphone for their computer typically purchase a video camera/microphone combination at a local “big box” retailer for less than $100.

What are the qualifications/background of coaches?

Each coach is a a speech-language pathologist certified by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association and licensed by the State of Illinois and/or an accent reduction specialist certified by the Institute of Language and Phonology. Each clinician has years of experience working privately with adults to improve their speech.