Initial Accent EvaluationAn initial accent evaluation is required for all new clients starting at Accent Pros. This accent evaluation provides you and your accent coach with an exact percentage of your accent and a spreadsheet detailing the exact differences causing your accent compared to standard American pronunciation.

The results can be used for self-study, but if you are serious about accent reduction and schedule an American accent class with Accent Pros, we will use the results to design a lesson plan for each session to meet your exact needs. Our method will allow you to maximize your time for both learning and practicing an American accent since you will only learn what you need to know and will not be taught lessons you do not need.

Evaluation Only

  • Online Evaluation *

When Can I Do the Initial Accent Evaluation?

Our accent evaluation is available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We utilize an online evaluation system to accommodate all of our clients who live outside of Illinois or the United States. This system allows all local, national, and international clients to access the evaluation at a time convenient for them. During the evaluation, you will be asked to record yourself saying a series of words, sentences, and reading a paragraph. All of your speech samples will be recorded and saved to a secure server. The only individuals with access to your recordings will be staff at Accent Pros.

After you have completed the online initial accent evaluation, you will get an automated e-mail to confirm our receipt of the voice files. After you have paid the fee of $120, we typically have the results completed and are able to e-mail you a copy of the pattern analysis as an e-mail attachment. We typically review the details of the analysis with each client during the first few minutes of the first American accent class.

What is an Initial Accent Assessment?

• Required for all new clients
• $120 for the initial accent evaluation (1-2 hours of evaluation by an accent specialist)
• Available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week
• Computer with microphone and internet connection required
• Audio files (data) saved on our secured servers for future reference
• Provides an exact percentage of your accent
• Printable pattern analysis report of your pronunciation skills is provided
• Provides details about which pronunciation differences cause your accent
• Initial evaluation is used to determine improvement when compared to future assessments

Get Started Now!

Please use the Buy Now button below to pay the $120 fee using any major credit card.  Once paid, you will immediately be directed to the online initial accent evaluation.  You should expect your results within approximately 48 hours.