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Single Online Session*

  • Video Conference (Skype)
  • 50-Minute Session**
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  • *Available for returning
    customers only

Online Accent Reduction Classes

Skype American accent training is our most popular video conferencing service. If you live outside of the Chicago , Illinois area or are interested in accent reduction from the comfort of your own home or office, online accent reduction classes are for you. This is not American pronunciation through a DVD or a CD-ROM. This is one-on-one training by a speech-language pathologist (foreign accent reduction coach) with specialized certification in American accent training.

One on One Live Video Conferencing

• Online accent reduction class = $60 = 50 minute private session
• $60 for one private session online using video conferencing
• Usually offered through Skype or Facetime
• Each class may be purchased individually after completing the online starter package
• Most economical option
• Proven results equal to  in-person training
• Requires an internet connection, speakers, webcam, and microphone
• Best price for single private session
• Includes the same lessons and information as a session in our office

Save Money, Save Time with Skype or Facetime Accent Training

Our certified and licensed speech-language pathologists will design every session to meet your exact needs. Each session is scheduled at a mutually convenient time using video conferencing, which allows each person to see and hear one another. Most of our clients prefer using Skype, which is a free video conferencing tool available for Mac or PC computers. After downloading the free software, all you will need is a computer connected to the internet, a webcam, speakers, and a microphone. Most of the newer laptops have all of these features built in and are easy to activate. The second most popular tool for an online American accent course is Facetime. Facetime is built into most Mac products including iPhone, iPad, iMac, and Macbook.

Although some individuals prefer accent classes in person, Skype accent classes are our most economical option. By meeting online, we both eliminate traveling and can optimize our use of time by meeting from our own home or office. We have kept data on all clients who have taken an online American accent course and compared them to those who have taken the same accent reduction classes in our offices. The progress and results are the same. All clients who have completed twelve sessions have reduced their accent by 50% or more.

*Available for returning customers only
**Cancellation Policy