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Free Accent Reduction Screening If you are concerned about your foreign accent when speaking American English and are interested in accent reduction, here is an opportunity for you to get a professional opinion about the severity of your accent. Just leave us a voice mail saying our list of words, reading a paragraph, and telling us about your accent concerns. Typically within 48 hours, one of our staff members will analyze the speech sample and send you an e-mail or call you with the results. Results will include …

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1312, 2016

How to Speak English: Common British Phrases 3

Here at AccentPros the majority of our blog readers--and clientele--are educated business professionals who are trying to learn how to speak English with an Americanized accent. We'd be remiss however if we didn't acknowledge the portion of our audience that also notify as world travelers, and therefore may be primarily  concerned with how their accent [...]

212, 2016

How to Speak English: Common British Phrases 2

The incentive to learn how to speak English language can come from anywhere. Most often people are motivated by the prospect of career advancement into learning a new language, while others merely enjoy the process inherent in learning new languages, their hope being that the new language they're currently learning will eventually benefit them down [...]

2311, 2016

Learn American English- Mispronounced Words

After reading this article you may be left with the impression that the best way to learn American English is trough repetition. Until you feel as though you know the selected words by heart and can integrate them into your everyday vocabulary seamlessly. Such an idea is reinforced by accent reduction CD's and programs such [...]

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