Program Upgrade:
Three (3) Office Sessions*

  • Office (Chicago, IL)
  • 3×50-Minute Sessions**
  • *Available for returning
    customers only

Three accent reduction training sessions are typically purchased after completing an American accent course consisting of twelve sessions.  Instead of purchasing individual fifty-minute sessions for $120, you can have three classes for $300. The focus of the three session package can be anything you choose and is not just American pronunciation. These sessions also include intonation, rhythm, syllable stress, speaking rate, dialect, and industry specific language.

Meeting Your Accent Reduction GoalsCuicago Cityscape

Since most clients purchase this package after already completing a number of sessions, lesson plans typically start exactly where the client left off in their previous American accent class. Regardless of why a client chooses this package, each session is designed to meet their exact request and needs for accent reduction.

All new clients starting with Accent Pros must complete the initial accent assessment. The results include an exact percentage of your accent, which can be used to compare to future assessments and provides objective data regarding your progress. Our clients start by addressing their accent at the word, sentence, and paragraph level.

Once they have accomplished their American pronunciation goals at a basic level, we begin to transfer the skill to conversational speech. Finally, during our most advanced lessons, we include technical language used in your profession and other multi-syllabic words that are difficult to pronounce. If you are uncertain about which package would best fit your needs or budget, please contact us directly and we will help you decide which option best meets your needs.

• In person = In Office = Chicago
• Includes three sessions in any of our offices for $300 • Saves $60 compared to purchasing three individual sessions
• Popular program for individuals who have completed twelve sessions and want more

*Available for returning customers only
**Cancellation Policy