Program Upgrade:
+ Twelve (12) Office Sessions*

  • Office (Chicago, IL)
  • 12×50-Minute Sessions**
  • *Available for returning
    customers only

accent reductionTwelve sessions of American accent reduction training is typically purchased by our students who have completed the beginner training as part of the Office Starter Program.  This American accent reduction class package includes twelve private (1:1) 50-minute classes in our Chicagoland offices and usually focuses on intermediate and advanced accent reduction strategies.  We have offices in Chicago, Illinois.  Most clients take one class per week and complete the twelve classes within 12-15 weeks.  An accent reduction coach who specializes in accent reduction will develop and teach an individualized lesson plan for each private class.  A new lesson plan will be written after each consecutive class based on progress from week to week.

Accent Reduction: What Comes With Twelve Accent Reduction Sessions?

  • Includes twelve 50-minute classes in any of our private offices
  • Purchased as intermediate or advanced classes
  • New clients must start with the initial accent evaluation ($120)
  • Best price for private accent reduction classes in our office
  • Each class is designed to meet your exact needs
  • Lesson plans are written for each class based on your weekly progress
  • Typically one class is scheduled per person per week
  • Clients should expect to complete 30 seconds to 30 minutes of practice per day
  • Intermediate program includes accent training at the monologue and conversational levels
  • Advanced program includes accent training using technical language for presentations and conversations

Accent Reduction: Focus on American Accent

Our American accent reduction course will focus on pronunciation, intonation, rhythm, syllable stress, speaking rate, dialect, and industry specific language.  We integrate all aspects that create an accent into every lesson starting with the first American accent class.  Once you have mastered the American pronunciation and related accent skills, we will turn our attention to intermediate American accent training, which includes conversational speech.

Finally, our advanced training includes the use of technical language from your industry and complex multi-syllabic word pronunciation during conversational speech.  Some clients also practice and rehearse professional speaking for presentations.  Previous clients of Accent Pros, with a high percentage of foreign accent, have always achieved a reduction of 50% in their accent by completing the beginner twelve sessions of the Office Starter Program, but many choose to continue their accent reduction training to further achieve their accent reduction goals.

*Available for returning customers only
**Cancellation Policy