How to Pronounce Common English Phrases

How to Pronounce Common English Phrases

How to Pronounce Common English PhrasesIf you are an individual who is looking to improve your English or are currently learning the English language, it will benefit you to make sure you are studying English pronunciation. Pronunciation is the primary aspect noticed by those you communicate with; therefore it is important to be able to articulate the correct sounds of the language you are speaking. In order to improve your English pronunciation, you need to be willing to frequently practice the English sounds andlearn  their International Phonetic Symbols (IPA).

Learn the Symbols

Before you actually begin speaking the sounds, it is important to first be able to recognize all the different sounds and be able to discriminate among them. Once you learn which phonetic symbols are associated with particular sounds, you can start practicing the sounds on their own (in isolation), followed by practicing the sounds in words, then in sentences, and ultimately in more challenging speaking formats.

Understanding the International Phonetic Alphabet

Understanding the IPA symbols and their associated sounds will also come in handy when you are unsure of a pronunciation of a particular word. contains the phonetic breakdown of every word, making it a bit easier for you to learn and even contains audio samples for words, giving you a pronunciation you can hear. This is a great way to practice as it makes for fewer mistakes in your pronunciation when you can actually hear and imitate the correct sounds. The dictionary may contain the phonetic transcription and pronunciation of a word you search, but it does not provide you with a list of the most commonly used English words and phrases.

Examples of Common English Phrases

As you communicate more frequently with native English speakers, you may be able to pick up on certain phrases more commonly used than others. For example, you may recognize some of the common English phrases in the video below.

Common English Phrases in the Workplace

You may also notice particular phrases more commonly used among your colleagues.. The video below provides you with examples of some expressions you can expect to hear around the workplace.

 Practice Makes Perfect

 If you are looking to learn and practice thousands of commonly used English words and phrases, you can visit  This website gives you the opportunity to hear thousands of the most common words and phrases used in the English language, and it is also a great way for you to practice speaking with more of a Standard American Accent. When you are ready to seriously learn how to speak better English and get rid of your accent, Accent Pros can help find the best accent reduction training program suitable to you and your lifestyle. Until then, practice, practice and more practice.

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