The Effect of an Accent

Do you have an accent when you speak? Would you like to know how to develop an American accent? Most non-native English speakers speak using accented English, the prominence of which is influenced by a variety of factors.  Most individuals are unaware of how mild or heavy their accent would be rated by native Americans. If others have difficulty understanding what you’ve said, then you have an accent that could be hindering your career and social communication. If you keep getting confused looks and requests to repeat yourself at the office, your have accent may be causing the problem.  Although many individuals are fond of certain accents, many are frustrated when misunderstandings occur.

While your accent may sound charming and even exotic to some people in an informal setting, it may become a source of frustration to you as less qualified colleagues earn promotions ahead of you at work. Being self conscious about your foreign accent might also suggest a reduced self confidence. Shyness and anxiety are just two of the results from speaking with an accent.

Accent Reduction Strategies

How do you get rid of your accent? Some recommended strategies include:

  1.  Watch television and listen to radio stations. Watching television and mimicking how the characters speak is fun and helps you achieve an American accent. The same holds true when you listen to radio shows.
  2.  Consistently interact with native American English Speakers. This strategy allows you to listen closely to how they speak, the tone of their voice, and how they use language. Try to mimic their pronunciation of words and phrases  when you speak. You can also try speaking English at home when you are with family instead of conversing in your native language.
  3. Improve your vocabulary. Keep a journal and jot down at least ten words or phrases daily. Practice proper pronunciation and try using the words and phrases during the course of the day.

Remember that language is a tool that you use to convey information to the listener. Language conveys what you want, how you feel, what you’d like the other person to do, and so on. In addition, the context of a given conversation is largely dictated by tone of voice. Therefore even if you pronounce each word distinctly and correctly, there is a good chance your speech will come across as stilted if you speak in a monotone voice. Having a non-standard American accent limits your audience’s ability to understand what you are trying to convey to them. In turn, this puts a strain on you.

The power of accent reduction therapy

When you’re struggling with the difficulties that come from having a pronounced accent and can’t seem to incorporate the aforementioned techniques into your speech consistently, in both professional and social settings , you have the option of taking accent reduction classes. While you may think that taking accent reduction classes to learn the standard American accent is time consuming and difficult, this is not so. These days, there are many accent reduction resources you can access online to help you improve the way you communicate and eliminate problems associated with accented speech.
The overall of effectiveness of American Accent training works is heightened when used in conjunction with with the tips illustrated above. You get specific courses tailored specifically for your level. You also get specially designed strategies and shortcuts to develop American accent fast in the privacy of your home. That saves you time as and also gives you the opportunity to  practice what you’ve learned without fear of embarrassing yourself.
You owe it to yourself to be a success. Reduce your accent and be more confident. Develop an American accent today and enroll  online for an accent reduction class and American accent training!