Now that you’ve made the decision to adopt a modified speaking accent with the help of of AccentPros’ certified accent coaches and various online resources, you are likely more aware of the kind of language you use on an everyday basis. Are you more of a straightforward communicator or one that likes to utilize similes, metaphors, and analogies to enhance stories and reports?  Business idioms enable people to approach difficult topics with a certain degree of tact. Both foreign and native English speakers are guilty of using these idioms without really knowing what they mean or their respective origins. They only know how the idiom is used in a specific context. You, on the other hand can take an active role in learning about idiom origins, starting with “belle of the ball”

Idiom: Belle of the ball

The expression “belle of the ball” is used to describe the prettiest woman in a party or a similar event. She is usually the one who catches the most attention because she stands out among all the women in a social gathering.

She was naturally beautiful, but the way she dressed up for the gala made her even prettier than ever, making her the belle of the ball.

A ball is known to be a social gathering where people dance, while a belle is someone who is fair and beautiful. The latter was infused into the English language during the 17th century from the belle of the ballFrench term ‘bele’ and the Latin word ‘bella’. A more specific meaning for the word ‘belle’ is its old English definition, which refers to it as ‘the lady who is the reigning beauty in a place’. It was first used in its English form in a comic play from 1622 by John Fletcher, which referred to a character’s daughter as ‘the dainty black-eyed belle’. As for the term ‘belle of the ball’, it was first used in The New Monthly Magazine, an English Journal from 1822 that referred to someone as ‘the partner of partners, the belle of the ball’.

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