An unfortunate reality in the business world is that there is only one constant: change. While you may feel confident about the contributions you are making to the company now and how much you are valued as an employee, there remains the chance that you could be moved to a different department by management without warning and forced to assess the state of your career from a different perspective: an outsider. During this period, you may feel bewildered and numb to the outside world. Such a person may be referred to as a “lost ball in high weeds.” Read on to discover this idiom’s probable connection with golf.

Idiom: Lost Ball in High Weeds

Definition: To feel completely lost and vulnerable in a new environment. A state of confusion


It’s not surprising that he’s now a lost ball in high weeds, considering how huge the difference is between his last career and his current one.

lost ball in high weedsI expect that the new girl will be a lost ball in high weeds, knowing that it’s not only her first day on the job, but her first job ever.


Although it is unclear where the expression originated, the explanation behind the definition is very straightforward. There is a possible connection with golf, as in the scenario where an errant golf shot lands in a patch of tall, dense grass. In this situation it is almost impossible to find the ball unless someone trims the weeds or clears an entire section of landscaping. If you were in the ball’s position, it wouldn’t be surprising if you felt lost and confused as well.

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