Learn to Speak American EnglishThe American English language is a necessary tool of communication if you are either an individual living in the United States or someone who often interacts with American English speakers on a daily basis, whether it is for work or pleasure.

English – The Global Business Language

The English language has become the universal mode of communication used throughout the world, and this is why at least knowing the basics of it will help you function more easily in today’s society.

Learning American English can benefit an individual in a number of ways, some including:

• Improvement of communication skills
• Receiving information and knowledge non-English speakers are unable to obtain
• Gain of confidence
• More career opportunities
• More entertainment opportunities (films, books, movies, etc…)
• Traveling experiences become easier

Although learning the English language will be a challenge, it is possible for anyone to do. There are particular steps one should take in learning to speak American English, just as there are steps in learning to do anything new. First off, it is important to strengthen your English vocabulary so you can understand instruction as well as words people will be using during your daily interactions. Once you feel confident in using basic English vocabulary, you should begin to focus on the basic grammar aspect of American English.

Learning American English – Where to Start

In order to catch on to the grammar concept in the most efficient way possible, one should first consider practicing the repeating of correct sentences. This way, you won’t be overwhelmed with too many rules and logic. This is, after all, the way children first learn to speak – they listen to their parents and mimic what they say, then they learn to read and write. The truth is, even most English speakers don’t know all the technical rules of grammar. They key to learning the English language is memorization. When you have memorized what you want to express, you will say it without hesitation. When you first begin the learning process, start with words and phrases and you will eventually be able to move to sentences.

Once you feel comfortable with using speech that is commonly used in American English you will want to become familiar with the basics of grammar. These basics include not only knowing what subjects, verbs, predicated, and articles are, but knowing when and where to use each of them when speaking. If you feel like you have the basics of American English down, but you still have a foreign accent while speaking, you have the option of seeing an accent reduction specialist. He or she will provide you with all the necessary tools you would need to improve your pronunciation and become one step closer to speaking true American English with a true standard American accent.

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