Today, knowing and understanding the English language is a necessity in order to communicate throughout many countries, especially in the United States. Learning standard American English may take a lot of practice and time, but in the end, you will be rewarded with many more opportunities in your professional and personal life. Understanding English will allow you to communicate more effectively with others around the country and throughout the world, because English is considered the language of business internationally.

So Many American Dialects to Choose From

Along with understanding the language, one must also understand English has hundreds of different accents and dialects. These accents and dialects vary based on different countries, social classes, or even different regions within a country. If you are planning on, or you are in the process of, learning English, you may be curious about which dialect you should be learning. A dialect is distinguished by varying features of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. The video below is an entertaining way to look at how people use different vocabulary words to express the same action or object and how a person who isn’t familiar with the word or phrase may be confused or surprised.

Think About – Where Will I Use My English?

Although there are more socially acceptable dialects, such as the Midwestern or broadcast-related dialect, there is not an exact form you are required to learn. There may be, however, some factors you may want to take into consideration when you decide to learn English using a particular dialect. These factors may include:

• Who are you mostly communicating with on a daily basis?
• Where are you living or planning to live?
• What is the dialect spoken by your co-workers?
• Will you be speaking English for business, social, or both?

It would be in your best interest to learn the dialect which is most commonly used in your daily life, workplace, ethnicity, and geographic location. Keep in mind, if you plan to learn American English outside of the U.S., you might learn a less accepted dialect, so choose your accent or dialect teacher carefully. Learning English is an important step to successful communication, especially for business.  If you aren’t in Chicago, then we suggest our ever popular one-on-one online accent reduction classes.  Widely used, you can take our classes from the privacy of your own home or office from anywhere in the world.