Individuals who speak standard American English are usually able to notice when someone else speaks with a different, more foreign accent. However, these American English-speaking individuals may sometimes believe their own way of speaking contains no accent at all, when in turn, it actually does.

What most of these native English speakers don’t realize is individuals who speak with a foreign accent believe Americans possess particular accents as well. In fact, there are a number of different accents spoken by Americans who only speak English. This variety of English accents is noticeable throughout different regions of the United States. For example, individuals who only speak English and live in the certain parts of the United States may speak with a southern accent or a standard Midwest accent.

The following video shows an example of a deep southern American accent:

To hear an example of the standard American accent spoken in most Midwestern regions, you may view the video below:

An accent refers to the way an individual produces sounds during speech, and the particular pronunciations are developed and influenced by those who surround those individuals.

Because accents apply to the pronunciation of sounds in any particular form of speech, this would suggest that anyone who speaks has an accent. Even the individuals who have always only spoken English use particular patterns of language which help others, especially foreign speakers, differentiate those patterns from everyone else as well as their own. Overall, the truth of the matter suggests everyone has an accent, even Americans who only speak English.

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