Why Should I Learn the English Language?Learning English is an important step to successful communication, especially for business.

There are a number of reasons as to why it would benefit anyone to learn English, especially when living in an English-speaking community or being required to communicate with other English-speaking individuals on a daily basis.

Today, it is almost necessary to know how to speak and understand English to properly function in society. English has become the universal language and preferred form of communication used among people from all over the world.


Examples of how learning the English language can benefit any individual:

• Communicate effectively with more people

o English is considered the preferred and most commonly used language for communication.

For example, almost all international conferences and competitions are conducted in English.  English is the primary language used internationally by diplomats and politicians.

• Expect more career opportunities and advancements

o English is the primary language of international business. 

• Gain knowledge you couldn’t receive before

o More information can be retrieved from sources such as international news television shows, books, web pages, and magazines.

• Become more confident in social situations

o Understanding and speaking English will help build your self-esteem when you interact with others, and in turn, make you a happier person. The confidence boost will also assist you in viewing English as a fun language to know as it opens the door to many different entertainment opportunities.

Overall, learning English is a very crucial and beneficial step to improving your communication and it will definitely make for a more well rounded lifestyle.

Countries where English is an Official Language


Learning English is an important step to successful communication, especially for business.  If you aren’t in Chicago, then we suggest our ever popular one-on-one online accent reduction classes.  Widely used, you can take our classes from the privacy of your own home or office from anywhere in the world.










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