Foreign Students in the Classroom

Foreign students attending American schools often feel left out in classroom discussions, group activities and even social events . If you are a foreign exchange student having difficulty adjusting to life abroad, American accent training can help you address the accent  and dialect challenge you face.
Well educated students who come to America from around the world frequently discover that, although they may have a firm grasp of the English language in its written form, they struggle to comprehend fast paced discussions that occur in the classroom, where American slang and colloquial language are bound to be used by native students caught up in conversation. American accent training will help you differentiate between formal English and American slang and determine in what contexts the usage of various terms is appropriate.

 What to Look for in Accent Reduction Training

The five main areas of American accent training are:

  1. Determination of factors contributing to your accent
  2. Accurate pronunciation of vowels & consonants
  3. Identifying and improving stress & intonation
  4. Spelling & phonetics rules as they relate to pronunciation
  5. Personalized instruction for industry specific language

As mentioned above, it is important to continually compare and contrast the way English words are written and pronounced, considering how often  the spelling and pronunciation of particular English words diverge. This strategy includes both auditory and visual learning.  Individuals who learned to read a first language before learning to speak  American English tend to use the phonetic rules of their native language or languages, which is one factor that creates the accent.

Individuals can get an idea how their accent may be limiting them before beginning accent reduction  classes by identifying which sounds they consistently mispronounce. Using this information, accent instructors reinforce proper pronunciation by asking students to read extended passages of text aloud and highlighting words that feature these sounds.  By focusing on three to five troublesome sounds a week, students gradually develop their skill for speaking English with an American accent

Dealing with American idioms

Idioms and English phrases are two other areas of difficulty for foreign students. Accent training combined with a thorough understanding of common English phrases, idioms, and figurative language provides students with a clear understanding of not only how to speak with an American accent, but also how to develop accurate colloquial language skills.