American Accent Classes: Impacted by Apple?

Since we teach American accent classes at Accent Pros, we love to analyze the speaking patterns of individuals.  Over the past couple of years, we have been intrigued by a spokesperson at Apple.  Yes he has an accent, but more importantly, he speaks in a manner which not only allows the listener to understand his speech, but he really captivates us and the rest of his listeners.  We even use his speaking pattern as an example during our American accent classes. Our clients agree that Jony Ive’s video is an excellent example to share during American accent classes.

Jony Ive Used as Model during American Accent Classes

Ive studied design at Northumbria University in Newcastle England and co-founded a company known as Tangerine in London where he developed  a variety  of power tools before working at Apple. Arguably one of Apple’s biggest moves in the right direction came when then design chief, Robert Brunner, hired Jony Ive as a senior designer.  It is a testimony to Ive’s ability, hard-work, and dedication that when Brunner left the company in 1996, he suggested Ive as his replacement, even though Ive was only 29. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, one of his first moves was to install Ive as Vice President of industrial design. The iMac G3 was released in 1998 and immediately set itself apart from every computer available on the market with an egg shaped body design. By the end of the year, 2 million iMacs had been sold. Many of Ive’s basic design philosophies and product designs for Apple have their origins in the work of Deiter Rams, who worked at Braun corporation during the 50’s and 60’s. 

American accent classes at Accent Pros use Jony Ive as a model.

Does British Accent impress those in American Accent Classes?

The public has become increasingly aware of Ive in recent years through his appearances in launch videos for many of Apple’s top products including the iPod, iPad, iMac and iPhone. Much is made about Ive’s British accent and his deliberate slow speaking rate with prolonged pauses.  This style of speaking is also recommended by professional instructors in American accent classes. Although the accent may be a significant part of Ive’s appeal for some, it really holds nothing beyond an aesthetic value when examining what kind of a public speaker Ive is overall. Similar to Steve Jobs, Ive has the ability to accurately synthesize complex concepts into language the audience can understand, enabling them to see how a product is clearly different  from what has come before and how they can integrate it into their daily life. Ive’s speaking style achieves a high level of clarity combined with making customers feel as though they are valued by Apple. His alluring speaking style plays an important role in Apple’s ongoing technological evolution.

Apple in the 1990’s

By 1992 Apple Inc, then known as Apple Computer, was mired in a state of organizational disarray and declining profit. This was following the company board ousting, and subsequent resignation of, co-founder Steve Jobs in 1985 and Apple’s flooding of the market with multiple high end Macintosh computers.  The Apple models (Classic, LC, II, Quadra, Performa, and Centris) were intended to directly compete with the IBM PC. Although these computers gave Apple’s target audience of schools, business, and home users a seeming variety of options, there was little in the way of distinctive features that set each model apart from one another other than a futuristic sounding name.  Customers only grew more frustrated and confused, failing to see the value in investing the time necessary to educate themselves on the minor differences between Macintosh lines when they could just as easily buy an IBM PC that catered to their specific needs in one convenient package.  The designs by Jony Ive have played a strong role in the overwhelming popularity of Apple products to date.

Incorporating Jony Ive’s Speaking Style into American Accent Classes

During his lifetime Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was known for the ability to give energetic keynote speeches in which he confidently introduced Apple’s latest piece of technology, utilizing many of the techniques taught in accent reduction classes. He pointed out the defining features of such products as the iPod with such relative ease that audience members couldn’t help but feel as though the iPod had been made specifically for them and therefore wouldn’t have been released to the public if Jobs wasn’t absolutely sure the product design met their needs. While Jony Ive doesn’t give many interviews, he too has embraced the Steve Jobs style of speaking. Moreover, Ive is able to avoid the common  complaint lobbied at British speakers by Americans–that they sound “too british”, by utilizing a common technique taught in American Accent Classes: speaking at a reduced speed. If the information about a particular product was being delivered in a slow fashion by a relatively unknown designer, it would seem condescending.  However because Ive and Apple have a strong reputation, it comes across as Ive having a casual conversationwith the viewer about the latest Apple product without delivering a sales pitch.

Do you need American Accent Classes?

Other accent reduction techniques utilized by Ive include the complete articulation of all syllables within a given word, particularly at the end of sentences, while pausing every 7-10 words to give listeners time to process what has just been said. Often individuals  who are starting American accent classes will drop  the syllables at the end of words and run them together because they are self conscious about potentially mispronouncing a word, only increasing the likelihood that something will be misinterpreted and they will  be forced to repeat themselves.

American Accent Classes at Accent Pros

To gain a better understanding  of how American Accent Classes might benefit you and what accent reduction techniques fit with your natural speech pattern, try one of our free accent screenings. If you are unable to afford American accent classes at this time, please consider trying our free tutorials with American accent classes for over fifty languages. This will enable you to gauge the overall prominence of your accent in relation to other speakers of your native language and  provide you with a working understanding of what to expect when you first enter American accent classes.