In A World…with Accent Reduction

When you’re at the movie theater and the previews come on, what type of voice do you hear at the beginning of a movie trailer? Most likely it’s the deep voice of a man. The new movie coming out August 9, 2013, In A World, turns the tables on this stereotype. The lead character, Carol, is a vocal/accent coach who is overshadowed by her famous movie trailer voice over father. In the movie, Carol decides to go up against her father and show the world that a female’s voice can work just as well-if not better.

Accent Reduction

Carol’s profession, voice coaching, is a broad industry across the U.S. Some vocal coaches help performers with their singing. Others specialize in teaching individuals to modify their foreign accent. Some instructors even work with famous singers and actors/actresses! For Carol, her type of vocal coaching has led her to perform a variety of different voices. With this special talent, she aspires to break through into the competitive voice over industry.

To expand on the other type of voice coaching-working with people to modify their foreign accent, one would see an ‘Accent Reduction Specialist’ and/or speech language pathologist. Accent Reduction focuses on modifying speech characteristics such as the student’s sounds, intonation, and stress in words and phrases. Some students seeking accent reduction training do so because of a work related language barrier, but most seek the training simply because they are self conscious about their speech or are being misunderstood by their colleagues. The initial goal of accent reduction is not to completely lose the accent; it’s to modify the production pattern so one can be better understood by others.

In A World movie trailer

Accent Reduction training

For the latter type of voice training, Accent Reduction, Accent Pros can help you out! You can start by taking a free Accent Reduction screening, which will provide  you with a severity rating of your foreign accent on a seven point scale. For more information about our online and office accent reduction programs, you can start by by clicking here.  To receive the latest updates and accent reduction tips from Accent Pros, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, connect with us on LinkedIn, and Meetup with us if you’re in the Chicagoland area.