Learn to speak English: The Geico Camel Phenomenon

One of the keys to Geico’s advertising success lies in their ability to supplement the gecko character with other equally memorable and funny commercial campaigns. The commercial below has gone viral thanks to the use of a clever visual pun. A camel walks around a business office repeatedly asking them what day it is. Since Wednesday is known as “hump day” in American business slang, the image of a camel and his giant hump walking casually through an office is a joke that works on a visual level. The camel also resonates with viewers because he speaks in a relaxed standard American English accent. As you gradually learn to speak English, you’ll quickly come to realize precise, formal diction is expected around the office.


Learn to Speak English: Watch Out for Malapropisms

Another  recent successful Geico commercial campaign revolves around one character telling another something unusual about an established piece of American culture, such as nursery rhyme or expression. For example, in this video  a woman replies, “Everybody knows that”, when her coworker mentions Geico’s slogan. This prompts him to respond “Well, did you know that Old McDonald was a really bad speller?” The commercial than cuts to a scene wherein nursery rhyme character Old McDonald is participating in a spelling bee and attempting to spell “Cow”. McDonald spells the word as “C-O-W-E-I-E-I-O” This is an allusion to a verse in the children’s nursery rhyme. It also parallels a situation many people find themselves in as they learn to speak English. They may unintentionally misspell or mispronounce a word despite their best intentions.  

Similarly, the commercial below makes fun of the expression “All owls are wise”. In a larger sense, both videos show why, as you learn to speak english, you shouldn’t be afraid to question something you don’t think is right and why you can’t accept all American expressions at face value. Americans mispronounce well known phrases all the time without even realizing it and may tell you these mispronunciations are correct. When taken collectively these errors are referred to as malapropisms. Learn to speak English

Learn to Speak English: Stay Connected

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