American Accent Training and Why It Is Critical To Survival in the US

American accent training is not a course that will transform you into a slang-speaking, lip-smacking American or a gentle southern gal who’ll swoon and gush over anything and everything that pleases her. American accent training is the best way to reduce your heavy foreign accent. Being able to speak American English well is critical for success if you are living in an English-speaking country. American English is one of those languages of the world that never fails to impress, especially if used properly and the person can be understood by the majority.

American accent training

Speaking English well is a great way to make friends, develop bonds, get hired, get promoted, and live life a little more pleasantly all-around. Just look at what the world says about English:

  • English is the main language used in the United Nations
  • People who speak American English as their native tongue are composed of about 10% of the world’s population but they own more than 30% of the world’s economic power.
  • English is studied as a second language in more countries than any other language

American Accent Training: Why Enroll?

If the three bullet points listed above did not prompt you to enroll in an American accent training course, maybe the following statistics will provide you with the motivation you desire.

  • Around 5% of people living in the United States do not speak English although the number continues to grow
  • As of the year 2000, 20 million Americans do not speak English well. Factors considered included grammar, accent, vocabulary, and colloquial language
  • One of the greatest fears of those with a heavy accent is that they will be ridiculed by peers or co-workers
  • In California, figures show that many immigrants speak and understand English well, but only if they have been in the U.S. for at least 10 years. Additionally, there are many immigrants living in isolation because they do not understand or speak English or they experience difficulty in being understood because of their accent
  • Most importantly, the perception among many Americans is that a person who speaks American English with a neutral accent has a better education than those who don’t. Of course this is a false perception since some Americans naturally have a neutral accent because of where they were born and raised, but their level of education is limited.

While the United States is still considered by many foreigners as the country where dreams can come true, the reality of achieving your goals increases if your American English is understood easily by others. While many people will tell you that it’s just a matter of time before you acquire the accent and a better vocabulary, opportunities could be passing you by each day. An American accent training course should be taught by an expert who understands the urgent need to fit in right away. The end result is to be a successful communicator with a speech pattern which is understood by all.

American Accent Training: How to Take The Next Step

This is just one of our many blog articles written to teach more about American accent training If you’re interested in learning more about ways to reduce your foreign accent, you can practice accent reduction after starting with a free screening to determine the severity of your foreign accent. Within 48 hours, you will receive results regarding your foreign accent on a severity scale of 1 (very heavy) to 7 (very mild) accent. If you’re looking for more American accent training, we have in office and online starter program options! Within 12 sessions, clients have demonstrated accent reduction of 50% or more.