American Accent Training: Why Take It?

English is the most recognized language in the world. People who don’t speak English can sing in English, recognize celebrities who speak English, and the only reason it isn’t the number one language in the world is because there are many types of Chinese languages and dialects. However, distribution-wise, English is the top language in the world with more than 400 million fluent in English.

American accent training is a beneficial course of action if you want to move within international circles, travel to other countries, and learn more about the world we live in today. There are hundreds of options when choosing an American accent training course. Which one should you pick? Here are a few tips on how to select the best:

American Accent Training Tip:  Accept That You Have A Unique Accent … And That’s Perfectly Fine!

There is a charm among foreigners who speak English and retain part of their accent. It makes them unique, oftentimes intriguing and memorable. Embrace your culture and your heritage. Accent reduction is not turning your back on who you are. American accent training should never try to change any aspect of personal idenitity – your character, essence, and background. It should only enhance what you already have. There are many international individuals who have gone on to be successful after learning English. A couple of examples include Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean Claude Van Damme.

American Accent Training

American Accent Training Tip: Ask Questions and Keep Asking

It is important that the person or group assigned to teach you accent reduction is willing to discuss whatever it is that bothers you. The advantage of an online or face-to-face course is the interaction. Any business unwilling to work beyond the boundaries of a lesson plan is not going to be effective.

American Accent Training Tip: Practice!

You’ll get out of American accent training what you put into it. Just showing up to the sessions won’t improve your accent. You need to study the lessons and apply the recommended strategies into your everyday speech pattern. 

American Accent Training Tip: Believe in the Process

Once you have decided what form of  American accent training you want, understand and believe in the process. If you chose wisely, you will learn, provided you are patient, follow the lesson plan, and avoid overextending yourself early on in the classes.

Most importantly, enjoy the course. American accent training can be enjoyable, especially when you begin to apply it to your daily life and see the benefits first hand. There is a wealth of support and resources available to those enrolled in accent reduction training.

American Accent Training: Learn More and Get Started Now

Get started with Accent Pros free accent reduction screening! The screening will rate your accent severity using a 7 point scale: 1 being the most heavy and 7 being very mild. If you’re inclined to take it a step further, check out a comparison of the programs we have to offer. Accent Pros has an office starter program and an online starter program. Both programs have had all clients get a 50% of more accent reduction after 12 sessions-check it out!

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