Learn to Speak English: The language of comedy

When most people envision how standup comedians craft material, they likely see images of a comic browsing the internet, flipping through channels during prime time TV hours, or scanning newspaper headlines. Much like public speakers and other professionals, comedians must be constantly be aware of the language they use and their intended message and audience. Almost every word in a stand up routine must be evaluated to ensure that it is either moving a story toward the punch line or enhancing a joke’s punch line. This gives  the appearance of spontaneity when in truth comedians want to precisely hone the language used in their act in an effort to predict and control an audience’s response to the material. Unfortunately, as you learn to speak English you will be placed in many situations where you can’t necessarily control how others respond, only your response.  learn to speak English


Learn to speak English: How to handle awkward encounters

In this standup routine, Dave Coulier suggests that when one enters a foreign country, it’s not necessary to learn the native language. Rather, all you have to do to fit in amongst the locals is  say a nonsense phrase in a voice that approximates the local accent and language. Coulier prefaces his imitation of an Italian accent with the sentence “Is your bellybutton lit like a cigarette in a deli?”

Although this sentence would never be uttered in a real conversation and the accents themselves are rooted in stereotypes, the routine nonetheless shows that when trying to become accustomed to a new language, people will say just about anything in order to communicate.  This example is also proof that anybody, regardless of their intelligence, can sound funny when they first start speaking a new language. By exposing yourself to a wide variety of reading materials as you learn to speak English, you can quickly get a sense of what English words are used in formal and informal situations, slowly incorporating them into your English vocabulary  as you become more comfortable. To get a better understanding of what words and sounds give you difficulty as you learn to speak English, take note of any words or sounds you mispronounce consistently over the course of a work day and write them down . Additionally, try to gain an understanding of any unfamiliar words or phrases used in the place where you are expected to talk the most, such as the office. Therefore even if you’re unable to express yourself in exact, precise English, colleagues will recognize the jargon you’re using and have a better idea of what you’re saying.

 Learn to speak English : Pave your own road to success

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