Accent reduction programs are not exclusive to foreigners living in a new place. Many local residents have taken advantage of these types of programs to help them through college and securing a good job. For instance, jobs that require constant communication with buyers like those in sales will need to fix a heavy accent in order to attract a wide market. Otherwise, a person with a heavy Chinese or Spanish accent might be limited to selling only to those from Chinese or Spanish-speaking countries. Furthermore, the heavy accent will automatically tag you as an immigrant, a designation which unfortunately carries with it certain prejudices and negative expectations amongst certain groups of people.

What Accent Reduction Can Promise

By signing up with any of the outstanding accent reduction programs available at AccentPros, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • You will maintain the essence of your native accent . Your requested accent reduction program is not going neutralize your natural accent, as it will simply modify it so that your pronunciation, speaking rate, and intonation sound natural.  Over time you will gradually adopt learned techniques into your normal everyday speech pattern until it becomes a subconscious habit.
  • Accent ReductionHigher self-esteem from knowing that you can communicate with almost anyone and be understood by the majority
  • Better chance of making friends, getting noticed in school or at work, and having a higher visibility rate to others regardless of the situation, as you will be better equipped to display your natural talents and abilities, thereby increasing the odds of a promotion if the opportunity arises

What Accent Reduction Can”t Promise

There are many who have unrealistic expectations regarding what exactly an accent reduction program can deliver. These include:

  • You will not necessarily be able to increase your vocabulary. That is something that will have to be done through personal efforts like reading, watching movies, and chatting with others.
  • You will not get promoted just because you have a better accent. This is also something that you will have to achieve through proper work ethics and quality output.
  • You will not become a native English speaker or writer simply because you took a class. Native refers to being born to a family that taught you English as your primary language. However, you can be mistaken for someone who has lived for many years in an English-speaking country with the right training.
  • Above all there is a direct correlation between the amount of time you practice and success in accent reduction classes. Showing up to sessions and learning new techniques can only do so much without implementation of the techniques into one”s speech.

Accent Reduction: The Bottom Line

There are advantages to going through an accent reduction program but it isn’t a miracle solution to a better job or a higher pay. It’s a tool like any other business tool, with you as the main product. By signing up for an accent reduction program you will be able to make your resume more appealing and enhance your credibility with job interviewers. Doors will not shut on your face, phone calls will not go unreturned, and you will be considered on a level playing field.

This is the reality in any country you visit. People are judged according to first impressions and sometimes, the first impression is all you’ve got. Accent Reduction therapy doesn’t change who you are at a personal lebel. You’re just reducing your accent and adding a skill that will improve your quality of life.

Accent Reduction: How to Get Started

Get started with Accent Pros free accent reduction screening! The screening will rate your accent severity using a 7 point scale: 1 being the most heavy and 7 being very mild. If you”re inclined to take it a step further, check out a comparison of the programs we have to offer. Accent Pros has an office starter program and an online starter program. Both programs have had all clients get a 50% of more accent reduction after 12 sessions-check it out!

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