English accent training: Are Pronunciation Programs Necessary with Young Children?

Humans are born with the ability to make 40 universal sounds, which are then gradually decoded by the brain and associated with specific words and actions. This allows a child’s vocabulary and understanding of a language to grow at a far more rapid pace than they could ever hope to achieve in adulthood. Being a non native English speaker yourself, you may subscribe to the theory that states parents looking to have their child speak English should enroll them in English accent training in order to introduce them to the language as soon as possible.

Although children have a prime period for language acquisition between birth and 6 years of age the process is far from easy. For one thing, young children do not as of yet have a firm grasp of the innate sentence structure and grammatical rules of their native language, much less a complex language like English. Moreover, the language used by children in everyday conversation normally consists of simple sentences and vocabulary words. Children at this age may simply learn enough of a particular secondary language to get by and not push themselves to gain complete fluency. Either because some of the concepts are too difficult for them to comprehend at a young age, or they fear being made fun of by other children. english accent training

English Accent Training: the Struggle to Achieve a “Perfect Accent”

In London, some wealthy foreign born parents are having their children, some as young as two years old, take English accent training. These parents don’t speak English around the house and believe that by enrolling their children in a prestigious school, such as Simply Learning Tuition in London, they will learn “proper English” from trained professionals. Since most students who come into the school don’t have obvious pronunciation or other speech problems, the sessions are usually devoted to addressing confidence in one’s speech and socialization.

The sudden interest in having young children learn “proper English” in London is likely a response to the popularity of the reality show “This is Essex.”The show emphasizes the cast members lavish lifestyles and social tribulations of 8 single people while paying little attention to how these people sound on camera.

Parents have complained that children between 7-10 years old have picked up bad grammatical habits through watching the show and now need English accent training to reinforce proper, formal diction.

The debate about when or if young children should enter English accent training is likely to only grow louder. If parents believe that English accent training will help their child achieve an American accent and thus have access to better social and educational opportunities, they won’t hesitate to inquire about services.

English Accent Training: How to Learn More

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