English Accent Training: The Importance of Intonation

When you join any English accent training program, you will notice that there is a great emphasis on intonation. Intonation is the natural rhythm of a language that is created through changes in pitch. Think of intonation as the thing that gives English its musical quality. Every rise and fall in your tone can alter the meaning of a statement altogether and affect how other people will understand the intent behind you words, while also  expressing emotion and the urgency of a message.

English Accent Training: Working on Your Intonation

English accent trainingA common mistake that a lot of people make at the start of their English accent training is looking at the language as a whole, wanting to learn a surefire technique that will allow them to make rapid progress, and it is this very attitude that keeps them from seeing the value in treating English accent training as an ongoing process that can be broken down into manageable steps. In fact, you can work on modifying your accent in the comfort of your home and maintain an English accent training log to show your accent coach every week.

English Accent Training: Tips for Intonation

Watch an English television show of your choice for at least 15 to 30 minutes each day and try to absorb every conversation you hear. More often than not, pay attention to how the actors are delivering their lines, not specifically what they are saying. Concentrate on the rise and fall of their voices as they deliver each line and more importantly, the correlation between the context of a sentence and tone of voice.

Try repeating lines from the show using a variety of inflection points, such as anger and sadness.

Be aware of how the meaning of each statement changes as you adjust your tone. Focus on applying these varied vocal tones to daily conversations and speak with conviction. Furthermore, whne conversing with your friends and coworkers, note which people have a great deal of inflection in their voice and who doesn’t. Does their vocal inflection affect how you perceive them as people?

English Accent Training: How to Learn More

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