Accent Reduction Program: Famous People Who Dropped Their Native Accents

An accent reduction program can really make a person sound like a native speaker of a local language. Traces of their original accent can be reduced and substantially minimized through exercises and drills which help individuals sound like native English speakers. It is important to note however, that the goal of an accent reduction program is never to completely eliminate one’s native accent. This is impossible and unnecessary. Rather the goal is to improve a person’s confidence when speaking English and their ability to articulate specific sounds, among other things.

Famous people, especially actors and actresses, are sometimes required to play roles where their character has an accent that is quite different from their native accent. The following actors and actresses may or may not have had their own accent reduction program, but it may still be surprising to some to find they’re not Americans.

Accent Reduction Program: Interpretations of the American Accent

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  • Hugh Laurie – Famous for his role as Gregory House in the T.V. series House M.D., Hugh Laurie is a British actor who was able to play the role of an American doctor for eight seasons. It can be even more surprising when you would hear him being interviewed and he has his original British accent on because it sounds highly different from how he sounded like when he portrayed House.
  • Tom Hiddleston – His accent is usually British, and it is true enough even for his role as Loki in the Thor movies. Interestingly, he is also very much able to have a convincing English accent as seen in his portrayal of Scott Fitzgerald in the movie Midnight in Paris. He is also known to have a talent for impersonating other artists such as Owen Wilson and Chris Evans.
  • Toni Colette – This Australian actress has hidden her original accent in so many American films that finally hearing her in her native accent can be quite disconcerting. You may even think it’s the one she puts on for the role when it actually is her real accent.
  • Hugh Jackman – Known for his role as Wolverine of the X-Men, Hugh Jackman has a highly convincing American accent and some would be surprised to know that he’s from the land down under, Australia.
  • Clare Bowen – Famous for her role in Nashville as Scarlett O’Connor who has a Southern accent on the T.V. show, Clare Bowen is actually another Australian like Hugh Jackman and Toni Colette.
  • Colin Farrel – Colin Farrel’s Americn accent is so convincing that it’s hard to believe he’s not American! The actor is actually Irish, and it makes his accent even more admirable because the Irish are known to have a strong accent which shows even when exerting effort to hide their accent.
  • Kate Winslet – Famous as Rose of the movie Titanic, Kate Winslet is actually a British actress who has a smooth American accent which you won’t mistake for anything other than that of a native speaker’s.
  • Russel Crowe – In his movies, he is shown to have either an American or a British accent. However, Russel Crowe is actually from New Zealand where there is a local accent of their own.
  • Robert Pattinson – He became famous for his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga, but he is actually a British actor, as seen in his role as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

With or without the help of an accent reduction program, these actors and actresses have developed their own convincing American accents!

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