What to Do After Your Accent Reduction Program is Over

An accent reduction program may last 1-6 months or longer depending on client progress. A quality accent reduction program will help you speak in a clearer, confident voice that is free of linguistic traits, such as received pronunciation or a southern drawl, that many have come to associate with your accent. You will get a lot of practice during an accent reduction program but once it’s over, you may lose what you have learned over time. In order to preserve the things you learned, utilize the following steps:

  • Spend time practicing Make it a habit to spend a few minutes a day practicing various techniques you learned from your accent reduction training program. If you cannot do this on a daily basis (which is understandable), you should block out 1-2 hours per week once a week on your schedule to go over basic techniques emphasized in your accent reduction program. Once you get it into a routine, you’ll feel more at ease with the entire process and it will feel less like a tedious chore. Alternatively, you can memorize a certain phrase or paragraph of text and repeat it every day at a defined time. Use it to quickly assess how well you are pronouncing particular sounds on a given day and your speaking rate.
  • Brush up on your materials every once in a while This approach is similar to devoting a certain amount of time each week to techniques taught in your accent reduction program. However, here you’ll have accent reduction programat your disposal materials which were used during your accent training program. Try visualizing the office or space your accent reduction program took place in prior to reviewing your materials. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you find the old determination to try and speak as clearly as possible.
  • Interact with native speakers. Whenever you can, interact with native speakers. While doing so, try you speak freely without feeling overly self conscious about how you sound, focusing instead on the content of your message. You will see from listeners’ facial reactions if what you’re saying is clear and you can gauge from various conversations the elegance of your speaking manner. For instance, are you able to transition from topic to topic without any misunderstood words or phrases? This gives you a clearer idea of where to improve and if you are truly comfortable with the sound of your accent  It would be wise to think of the techniques focused on in accent reduction programs as not a temporary fix, but rather something that needs to be monitored to ensure you’re speaking with clarity and precision.

Want to start a personalized Accent Reduction Program?

Get started with Accent Pros free accent reduction screening! The screening will rate your accent severity using a 7 point scale: 1 being the most heavy and 7 being very mild. If you’re inclined to take it a step further, check out our various accent reduction programs we have to offer. Accent Pros has an office starter accent reduction program and an online starter accent reduction program. Both the officer starter accent reduction program and online starter accent reduction program have had all clients get a 50% of more accent reduction after 12 sessions-check it out!

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