When it comes to online dating projecting the proper image is essential. This causes both men and women to lie about their actual age, post outdated pictures of themselves from they were younger and believed themselves to be more attractive, and boast about their achievements in their dating profile. The anonymity  of the internet has allowed romantic relationships between people of a wide age range to develop without fear of being judged by society at large. Therefore by the time two people in an online relationship meet in person for the first time they feel they know each other extensively as people and are unlikely to focus on an age gap that may exist in the relationship. Although society has become more accepting of age differences in a relationship the stigma of “robbing the cradle” remains ever present.

Idiom- Robbing the Cradle

Definition: To have a romantic or sexual relationship with someone who is much younger than oneself; to use a young person for a purpose inappropriate to his or her age.

Idiom: robbing the cradleExample: Michelle’s boss is notorious for robbing the cradle as he is always trying to date the company’s apprentices.

Origin: Back in the day, especially in the rural areas, men wed girls who are as young as 12 or 13 years of age. Since these girls are very young, they are associated with the word cradle, which may mean ‘the earliest period of life’. In 1925, the term ‘cradle snatching’ was coined in US slang which meant pursuing a younger person.

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