Generally music has proven to be detrimental when it comes to aiding the learning and retention of information.  However it does increase one’s focus prior to engaging in a task they’re intimately familiar with, as when surgeons listen to their favorite type of music while performing an operation.

Half of the anesthetists polled in the same linked article believed that music in the operating room could prove to be problematic if something went wrong with the anesthesia, serving as a further distraction during a potentially chaotic time. And what about the old axiom that states listening to classical music at a low volume while working improves concentration? While there is some evidence to suggest purely instrumental music helps in this regard , it is best not to be distracted by music of any kind when engaging in something that requires your full attention. Just try to ignore the person listening to heavy metal in the next cubicle

 Idiom: Heavy Metal

Definition An aggressive and extremely amplified form of rock music. The phrase is often applied by the general media to bands that perform this particular genre of music. It should be noted that people who listen to this type of music on a regular basis are more likely to classify bands according to the heavy metal subgenre they fit into rather than using the general term “heavy metal.” These subgenres, such as thrash and power metal, are distinguished from one another by the relative speed of the music, vocal delivery, and lyrical content.

idiom-heavy metalExample sentence: “If another heavy metal song plays during bedtime, I’ll probably wring my brother’s neck!”

Origin: Although at first it sounds weird to associate metal with a song, the origin of this particular idiom explains the connection. The phrase was first used in the 1950s during the Beatnik era. It was used to describe the depth or profoundness of the music genre. The association of the word “metal” was intended to describe the hardware often used to play the heavy kind of music, like an electric guitar. The term “heavy metals” in the chemical sense also played a part in creating this music idiom. The toxicity of the chemicals is at par with the immensity of the musical style. “Heavy metal” is a variation of the term “heavy music.”

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