With the advent of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter the realm of slang terminology is seemingly growing bigger with each passing day. Many words, including “hash tag” and “friended”, have crossed over into formal discourse. This has further blurred the line between what can be considered formal and informal speech. You can increase your vocabulary and get a sense for the internet shorthand that is being used to cover the most important topics of the day by briefly reviewing social media websites. You’re likely to find that similar to the workplace, those who can interpret slang the fastest will have an edge when it comes to staying current with the latest news. Stay ahead of the curve by reading about the origins of the phrase “Taken for a ride.”

Idiom: Taken for a Ride

Definition: The idiom “taken for a ride” or its original variation “take for a ride” has a couple of meanings. For its literal definition, it means to carry someone or ask someone for a recreational journey, like a road trip. Figuratively though, take for a ride means to deceive someone. In worse instances, it also means being taken away to be killed.

taken for a rideExample sentence: “When the Mafia lord instructed his cohorts for the protagonist to be taken for a ride, I think my heart skipped a beat.”

Origin: In the 1948 book Harper & Row by Charles Earle Funk, the origin of the expression “taken for a ride” was discovered. The phrase has a negative origin, purportedly used in the US to describe the countless criminal acts after World War I. This was when lawbreakers and gangs fought against one another. Anyone who had displeased the gang leader was usually invited by the gang’s henchmen to “go for a ride.” The victim will then just turn up dead after such ride, his body to be found by the police.

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