How Can Accent Reduction Help My Dating Life?If you are an individual who speaks with a foreign accent, you may notice the way you speak sometimes negatively affects your daily social life. Although foreign accents are unique in their own ways and provide listeners with a background of the speaker, they may still cause difficulties when communicating with others.

Trouble Understanding Each Other?

Problems with communicating can frequently lead to problems with dating. If your communication difficulties lead to avoiding social interaction, frustration from having to constantly repeat yourself, low self-esteem, or people focusing more on your accent than the content you are trying to express, this may very well have a negative effect on your dating life.

There is a solution available; however, to affect your dating life in a positive manner – accent reduction classes. With the instruction and guidance of a certified speech-language pathologist who specializes in accent reduction, you have the opportunity to learn to speak with a standard American accent and be on your way to a more successful social life.

The improvement of your standard American accent and the confidence you will gain from receiving this kind of training will make way for many more opportunities in your social life, and especially in your dating life.

Accent reduction training will positively affect your dating life in ways including:

• A boost in confidence when speaking

• More of a will to communicate with others

• An ability to communicate equally with a similar standard American accent

• Others will be interested more in what you are saying than how you are saying it

Speaking with a neutral accent is a method to open the communication doorway between you both.  Accent Pros can”t help you with dating advice, but we can help you speak American English with a standard American accent.