There are thousands of languages spoken throughout the world. Of course, individuals use these languages for communication, entertainment, reading and writing purposes involving a variety of subjects. Today, some of the most important fields are science, commerce (business), aviation, and the internet. Each one requires ongoing communication, clarity, and precision when sharing information. Because science and  commerce usually requires some international communication, one might be curious as to which language is primarily spoken among them.

Language of ScienceLanguage of Science

Although science contains a lot of Latin vocabulary and names, English has become the dominant and universal language spoken and written throughout this field. In science, the majority of papers published are in English and nearly all conferences are conducted in English. Another major reason English has become the dominant language of science is because the most prestigious and PhD-granting institutions in science are all located in English-speaking countries.

Language of CommerceLanguage of Commerce

International companies and the amount of international commerce has dramatically increased throughout the years making communication across the globe necessary to do business, even if it is at a basic verbal and written level. Although translators and multilingual individuals are helpful when international communication is required, having one common language everyone speaks makes it much easier for us to operate as a world economy. This is why English has become the language of international global commerce. Speaking a common language with those you do business with helps facilitate more effective communication and team building. Because English is considered the dominant language of commerce, it is in a non-native speaker’s best interest to learn and understand English as well as speak the language effectively so others can easily understand them.

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