Common English Phrases

Part 2 of our series is finally in! Learning Common English Phrases can help improve your knowledge of the English language. It goes a step beyond just learning English-applying the words to create a phrase with a whole new meaning. As mentioned in part 1 of the series, these Common English Phrases get misconstrued at times because of auditory differentiation mistakes. These mistakes happen because our brains perceive sounds differently than our ears sometimes. No need to second guess any more-the following five Common English Phrases show the right phrase to use, the meaning of it, and how to use it in a sentence.

1. On accident vs. By accident

Common English Phrases

  • The right way: By accident
  • Meaning: ‘On’ and ‘by’ are both prepositions. Using ‘on’ would be meaning the act was on purpose, which an accident can’t necessarily be. ‘By’ would be the correct preposition to use with the word ‘accident’, as it does conflict.
  • Sentence: I hit the mailbox by accident while backing out of the driveway.

2. For all intensive purposes vs. For all intents and purposes

  • The right way: For all intents and purposes
  • Meaning: Covering all possibilities of an event.
  • Sentence: For all intents and purposes, I’m double-checking our reservation.

3. He did good vs. He did well

  • The right way: He did well.
  • Meaning: ‘Well’ is an adverb, modifying the verb ‘did’. ‘Good’ is an adjective, modifying a noun.

4. Extract revenge vs. Exact revenge

  • The right way: Exact revenge
  • Meaning: Getting your revenge on a person.
  • Sentence: The dog exacted revenge on the mailman who took his bone.

5. Expresso vs. Espresso

Common English Phrases

  • The right way: Espresso
  • Meaning: Strong caffeinated coffee-like beverage.
  • Sentence: She needed three shots of espresso this morning!  

Common English Phrases and Accent Reduction

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