Why Learn to Speak English?

Due to the world’s declining economy and increased globalization, individuals around the world are traveling to the U.S. for better opportunities. Although there are typically more economic opportunities in the U.S. (when compared to foreign countries), many problems may arise when someone steps into a foreign country, the greatest challenge is overcoming a language barrier. According to recent studies, English is the most commonly used language by foreigners. In fact, many consider English as the universal language and one that everyone should know, regardless of their native tongue. With this in mind, most individuals who want to become bilingual or trilingual, make learning English their top priority.

If you’re wondering what kind of significant benefits you can pocket if you Learn to Speak English then take out your notebook and pen, because it’s quite a long list. The most significant benefit is the increase in employment for bilingual individuals.  Since more and more businesses are now being conducted on an online platform, effective communication is a key for business success. Countries like England, Australia, Canada, America, etc, are all known for employing people regardless of their color, creed, and ethnicity. Since the official language of such countries is English, individuals from developing nations can typically apply and receive opportunities when they can communicate in English.

Another great advantage to Learn to Speak English is that bilingual individuals become more open to the ways of the Western world when they learn English. Stereotypical views are substantially erased and individuals are able to effectively communicate.

Now that we have thoroughly explored the major benefits to learning English, here are some tips to mastering it.

Learn to Speak English-Tips and Tricks

Learn to Speak English

First, watch the mouth movements of native American English speakers and try to imitate them. Practice what they say and try to emulate their speech patterns. Another option is to listen to American music instead of music in your native language.

Second, if you have difficulties with an English word, write it down and ask a native American English speaker to say it for you. Record their example using a free app on your smart phone and listen back alternating with your own attempts to pronounce the word just like the model. If you have trouble finding someone to record examples for you, consider using www.forvo.com to find an example.

Third, study the dictionary. It should become your best friend. Pay close attention to any phonetic symbols and how words are pronounced. Some online dictionaries also pronounce the word for you.

Finally, you can hire an accent reduction specialist for individualized support on how to Learn to Speak English. The best option is choosing a well established accent reduction company, such as Accent Pros, that has a proven record of helping individuals reduce the severity of their accent. We have an online starter program  (available anywhere in the world!) and an office starter program (available in Chicago, Illinois). To stay up to date on all the latest information, follow us on Pinterest and Twitter, like us on Facebook, connect with us on LinkedIn, and join us on Meetup!