Anything is possible, so the follow-up question should be: how well can a person learn how to speak English using a simple app? The answer is that… the process is never that simple. Yes, there are several apps but they are limited to generic, standard lessons. It’s a far cry from a personalized lesson and the results are like night and day. Here are some reasons why:

  • It’s hard to self-discipline and to follow a lesson on your own. The drop-out rates are very high
  • With no schedule to follow or no one to level up with, the progress is much slower
  • It’s lonely to study alone
  • People who know you are using an app will expect immediate and amazing changes in your speech and if you don’t deliver, you could be ridiculed or judged severely

However, for the sake of fairness, what are the top apps and are there any available to help you learn English? According to the latest 2012 study, game apps continue to rule the industry at 33% and communication, tools, tutorials, and utilities are all at 3%. The second most popular group of apps is the messaging apps with more than 1 billion OTT (over-the-top) apps available. More interesting is the fact that although many apps are bought or downloaded for free, a majority are dropped after a couple of tries.

Learn How to Speak English

One app that was extensively marketed was Siri, an app that was believed to be the perfect app for a classroom or educational setting. It never really became popular as a tutorial and became more known for record-keeping, settings reminders, solving mathematical problems, emailing, calling, note-taking, and cheating.

The downside of Siri is multiple. It commits errors like giving you unrelated results, inability to connect to the Internet swiftly, and turning dictation into a bloody mess. Of course, it has also been proven that Apple continues to stall in promoting Siri as a full-blown app claiming it to be in beta version only. Thus, it is not being used by teachers nor is it recommended as an online tutor. And finally, there are privacy issues with this app because it collects data but does not exactly say what it does with the data.

The Better Option to Learn How to Speak English

A teacher is better than an app when you learn how to speak English because the teacher is readily available to correct mistakes as it happens and before it becomes a bad habit. The second best option would be to take an online course because it is convenient but retains that personalized training to learn faster and be effective.

Learn How to Speak English

The fact also remains that Google has even mentioned that there are better options than using Siri implying that not everything you see or hear about will work for you. A number of teachers and experts have also expressed their views that using an app to learn how to speak English, is very limiting because you get stuck in a box and don’t get to use your creativity to learn and remember important lessons. Apps like Siri make it all too easy to get the answers so students learn to rely on it and lose whatever motivation to learn they have to begin with.


Learn How to Speak English: Want to Learn More?

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