English Accent Training Self-Evaluation: Correct Pronunciation

Part of any effective English accent training course is knowing how to pronounce words properly. The essence of a word sometimes disappears when mispronounced, causing misunderstandings between people who are trying to communicate effectively.

English Accent Training: The Importance of Correct Pronunciation

Correct pronunciation is very important, especially for those who deal with native English speakers on a regular basis. Pronouncing words incorrectly highlights your accent even further, creating a possible barrier between you and the person you are talking to. Any mispronounced word serves as a distraction in a normally seamless flow of conversation. There are also words that can have their meanings change due to the slightest change in pronunciation. This in turn has a dramatic effect on the context of the sentence featuring the mispronounced word and increases the chances of your overall message being misunderstood. For these reasons, a major component of English accent training is proper pronunciation.

English Accent Training: Adapting to Different Dialects

The English language includes a number of different dialects, each of them featuring distinct ways of pronouncing specific words and unique colloquial terms. For some people, the dialect they employ while speaking is as much of a personal identifier as hair or eye color. If you are not a native speaker, it is highly advisable to work towards a neutral sounding standard American accent similar to those used in newscasts. As you progress in modifying your accent through English accent training, you can decide to incorporate relevant terms from the surrounding local dialect English accent training

English Accent Training: Working on Correct Pronunciation

In order to get the most out of your English accent training, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Take note of corrections. Always be aware of any corrections that you may receive from native speakers. This way, you will become more cognizant of any mistakes you make with your speech and can make the requisite changes.
  • Speak slowly. Make it a point to speak slowly during and outside of English accent training, especially when you are saying words that you often struggle with. Some people try to speak faster when they know that they are bound to make a mistake in an effort to cover it up. However in doing so they are just putting effort towards compensating for a problem rather than confronting it directly. By speaking quickly you also run the risk of compounding you problems by stumbling on later words.
  • Talk to yourself out loud and record. Unusual as it may sound, talking to yourself out loud allows you to hear yourself more clearly and once again presents an opportunity for you to correct yourself. This is also an ideal situation to practice saying words you have been struggling with repeatedly. Listening back to your recorded speech makes your English accent training self-evaluation even easier because you can focus on individual sounds or words and replay the sample.
  • Ask someone to monitor your progress. Having someone monitor your progress for you is always a great way to figure out how quickly you are learning. They could also point out mistakes that you do not notice on your own.

Improving your pronunciation should definitely be one of the core areas of focus during your English accent training . Having a firm understanding of how to pronounce English words will allow you to rapidly expand your vocabulary and sound out any words you are unfamiliar with, increasing your confidence.

English Accent Training: How to Learn More

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