Now that you’ve made the decision to adopt a modified speaking accent with the help of of AccentPros’ certified accent coaches and various online resources, you are likely more aware of the kind of language you use on an everyday basis. Are you more of a straightforward communicator or one that likes to utilize similes, metaphors, and analogies to enhance stories and reports? Regardless of your preferred communication style, business idioms enable people to approach difficult topics with a certain degree of tact. Both foreign and native English speakers are guilty of using these idioms without really knowing what they mean or their respective origins. They only know how the idiom is used in a specific context. You, on the other hand can take an active role in learning about idiom origins, starting with “cat burglar”

Idiom– cat burglar

Definition: A burglar who is especially skilled at stealthy or undetected entry of a premises; a burglar who breaks into buildings by climbing through upstairs windows, across roofs, etc.

Example: Considering the height of my second floor window, the cat burglar still managed to enter my apartment through it and steal my jewelry.

Origin: Although there is no clear indicator as to where this phrase originated and when it was first used, it is believed that the reference to cats has something to do with the stealth that a Idiom: cat burglar cat burglar possesses, allowing them to enter and leave a building undetected. Cats are known for their amazing stealth and silent nature as they move around, as well as their ability to suddenly jump onto their prey without being noticed. In the same way, a cat burglar is able to reach and open high windows, sky lights, and other similar openings to effectively take what is needed without being noticed.

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