If you started at your present company as an intern, chances are good you heard the words “coffee” and “copy” quite frequently. Most likely in the form of demands. As in, “I’d like you to get me an extra large cup of coffee with 2 shots of espresso and extra cream.” Or, “The copy of the financial report you gave me had its left margin cut off towards the bottom of the page. Fix it now!”At times it can feel like you’re nothing more than a waiter saddled with trivial responsibilities and requests that come in from left and right with little to no explanation, only that the tasks in question must be done in an efficient manner. Yet the life of an intern provides a nice parallel for those going through English accent training. In both scenarios, once you get into a rhythm of performing your daily tasks, or using learned techniques when speaking to reduce your accent, the entire process will seem far less intimidating.

Now sit back with a nice cup of coffee in hand as you think about this commonly confused word pair.

“Coffee” Vs. “Copy”

The key to pronouncing these two words correctly lies in differentiating the sounds in the second syllable of each word, the long f and p respectively. To pronounce “coffee”, enunciate the “f” sound "Coffee" Vs. "Copy"by placing slight pressure on the lower lip with your teeth while maintaining a steady flow of air throughout the second syllable of the word. Focus on the long p sound in “copy” by pursing your lips together just prior to reaching the sound, emphasizing it with an explosion of air. Try pronouncing the words in quick succession of one another to get a feeling for the placement of your tongue and lips when the words are said properly, noting the contrasting sound.

Example Sentence: “I told the secretary I’d get her some coffee. First I’m going to make a copy of my annual review statement.”

English Accent Training: How to Learn More

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